Plans for the renovation of the Vodokhod fleet for navigation-2023

In preparation for navigation in 2023, the Vodokhod company began the next stage of renovation and modernization of motor ships

Vodokhod fleet renovation plans for navigation-2023

The main directions of the planned work include improving the comfort of passengers on board, re-equipping cabins, renovating public premises and spaces, equipping additional public areas, children's rooms.

One of the important changes for passengers will be a significant improvement in the quality of wireless communication on board using WiFi technology. The technical infrastructure for accessing the Internet will be modernized on all ships: the number of LTE antennas will be increased and the signal coverage area will be significantly expanded. In navigation-2023 on ships of the Vodokhod class, Internet connection via & nbsp; WiFi will be available not only in public areas, but also in passenger cabins, which was previously available only on Vodochod.Premium, Vodochod.Light, Vodochod.Lux class ships. During the river cruise, tourists will have more opportunities to share photos, consume multimedia content and, if necessary, work remotely.

Sun decks of motor ships «Konstantin Korotkov» and “St. Petersburg” will be equipped with awnings, which will give more options for choosing a comfortable rest on a sun lounger in the shade or in the sun.

On the motor ships “Leo Tolstoy”, “Georgy Zhukov” and “St. Petersburg” children's rooms will be equipped, and when traveling with a family, parents can be sure that children will have a dedicated, safe and comfortable space to play. Children's animators will be able to offer a wider range of entertainment programs for our little travelers and give the opportunity to relax to your liking for all family members. On the ship “Felix Dzerzhinsky” a second spacious children's room will appear and kids and teenagers will be able to spend their leisure time in different rooms.

Vodokhod fleet renovation plans for navigation-2023

Lev Tolstoy cabin renovation project

Motor ship “Leo Tolstoy” expect the biggest change. In 6 cabins type “Junior Suite” and 6 types “Lux” there will be 7 sq.m and 10 sq.m balconies, the cabins themselves will be renovated. Possibility of “circular walk” on other decks, the passengers of the ship will have. Given that on the ship “Leo Tolstoy” there is a swimming pool, the journey on it will become even more comfortable and even the most demanding passengers will be able to choose comfortable accommodation and interesting pastime for themselves.

A large amount of work is envisaged in terms of aesthetic repairs on a number of ships: replacing flooring, updating furniture, improving the design and ergonomics of public spaces and restaurants.

Vodokhod fleet renovation plans for navigation-2023

All work will be completed by the start of navigation in 2023, and we We hope that rest on our ships will bring even more positive emotions. Our innovations for 2023 will not be limited to the modernization of the fleet: we continue to expand our excursion programs, work on new points of ship calls, and look for new thematic content for our cruises. Bookings for 2023 navigation are now open. By booking your trip for next year today, you can be sure you get the most out of your choice!



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