Petersburg prepares water excursions

From March 28, another part of the restrictions related to counteracting the spread of Covid-19 will be lifted in the Northern capital. The corresponding resolution was signed by the Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov. The new version of Decree No. 121 provides for the abolition of a number of restrictions, including those related to water excursions.

With the start of navigation, the organizers of cruises along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg can again fill river excursion pleasure boats – the condition for their 50 – percentage occupancy. Passengers are allowed to move on the decks of river transport.

“The lifting of restrictions will allow one of the most popular types of recreation in St. Petersburg to become more active. Walks on river buses are the same hallmark of our city, as well as its legendary architectural ensembles, museums, theaters, parks. The city on the Neva is developing as the capital of Russia's water tourism, where all its types are represented: sightseeing, river, cruise, yachting. Water excursions are loved by both citizens and guests. This year, the plans of the Northern capital include the launch of new water routes, for example, those that will connect modern public spaces – Sevkabel Port and New Holland, as well as other city points of attraction, classic sights and objects of the New Cultural and Tourist Geography , – commented the Chairman of the St. Petersburg Tourism Development Committee Sergey Korneev.

The view of St. Petersburg from the water is considered to be the most beautiful and unforgettable. During water excursions along the northern islands of the Neva delta, you can take pictures against the background of historical sights, see the modern districts of the city. On the Meteors it is easy to get to the Island of Forts in Kronstadt, Petrodvorets and other suburbs of St. Petersburg, visit the Oreshek fortress.

“Of course, we fully welcome the lifting of restrictions on 50% loading of passenger ships. This will allow us to fully provide services to our passengers in navigation in 2022, to carry out the full volume of transportation both on sightseeing and pleasure routes and on high-speed vessels. Navigation in 2022 will begin, depending on weather conditions, from April 8-14. Motor ships are fully prepared for the new shipping season. Despite the lifting of coronavirus restrictions, of course, the safety of our passengers, both within the framework of anti-COVID measures and the overall safety of transportation, is and will always be a priority in our company,” said Yury Nabatov, General Director of the Neva Travel Shipping Company.

According to the expert, the removal of restrictions on passenger capacity will allow navigation in 2022 to at least repeat the volume of traffic in 2021. And under favorable weather and economic conditions, it will be possible to approach the transportation figures of 2019, when more than three million passengers were transported along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg and on high-speed routes.


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