PCT: Travel Cashback Program Needs to Continue

Against the backdrop of insufficient funding for the tourist cashback program, the Russian Union of Tourism Industry turned to the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Tourism and Tourism Infrastructure Development Sangadzhi Tarbaev with a request to pay attention to this issue.

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PCT: Travel Cashback Program needs to continue

“The budget for 2022 and planned 2023-2024 included 5 billion rubles annually for the tourist cashback program. The explanatory note to the new budget for 2023 and planned 2024-2025 states that funding for the program will be reduced by 5 billion rubles. annually. to zero, respectively. In this case, both consumers and the tourism industry itself are deprived of the most effective instrument of state support for the entire post-Soviet period. The PCT has consistently advocated the extension of the cashback program, recognizing its high efficiency since its launch,”, the press service of the PCT reported, Interfax reports.

As emphasized in the PCT, according to a study by the Higher School of Economics conducted in November 2021, the program has a significant impact on people's decision to go on vacation. According to the survey, 15% of the program participants definitely did not consider a trip without cashback, another 15% would most likely not go, 23%, taking into account the cashback, would definitely prefer traveling in Russia to a trip abroad, and 22% would rather choose a trip within the country due to the possibility of receiving cashback . The regions of Russia, including those that were not traditionally considered attractive for tourists, also note the significant impact of the cashback program on the increase in tourist flows. For example, in the Irkutsk, Novosibirsk regions, Altai and Khakassia, the tourist flow increased by 10–20.

“The PCT considers the cashback program one of the key drivers for the development of domestic tourism in the country, especially in the context of the current situations. At the moment, the situation in the tourism market is characterized by a sharp drop in the volume of not only international (inbound and outbound) tourism, but also sales in the field of domestic tourism. The horizon for the recovery of tourist flows to the level of 2019 is postponed at least to 2024-2025, and only if the previously planned volumes of financial support for the industry are maintained. This is especially true for the tourist cashback program, other activities to support the tourism industry, as well as the implementation of large investment projects, which have already received significant funds from private investors”, the PCT emphasizes.


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