PCT: Mauritius, thanks to the launch of direct flights, can attract Russians in winter

PCT: Mauritius, thanks to the launch of direct flights, can attract Russians in winter

Tour operators predict an increase in the popularity of Mauritius after the launch of direct flights, reports RTN.
Aeroflot announced the launch of direct flights to the island of Mauritius from December 23. As tour operators told RTN, the emergence of direct transportation has already increased the interest of tourists in the destination, but the demand for tickets depends on the prices offered by the national carrier.
““The emergence of direct flights from Moscow is a big plus for the destination, and it’s great that they are launching them on New Year’s Eve, when flights will definitely be well loaded,” emphasizes Dmitry Arutyunov, general director of the Art Tour company.
Now tourists are sent to island via the Emirates, expensive flight. On the other hand, the high level of service, the combination of gastronomy and beautiful nature in Mauritius attracts tourists, many return there more than once.

“Of course, professionals have already paid attention to the news, now the task of travel agents is to convey it to tourists. Russians are very fond of the islands of the Indian Ocean. For example, in the Maldives our market is in the lead, sometimes changing places with India. In the Seychelles there is a shortage of good hotels, in the same Maldives it’s also difficult to book something during the peak season. But in Mauritius, taking into account limited transportation, there is a much greater chance of getting good hotels during the peak period,” Arutyunov explained.
Regarding two flights a week, the expert believes that this is not the case for now The volume is quite enough, but if demand starts to grow, transportation may be added. “What’s more important here is the cost of tickets. A flight with Emirates costs around 100 thousand rubles round trip, with Aeroflot it’s cheaper,” he believes.
PR Director of Tez Tour Zhanna Bogacheva noted that tariffs for direct flights ” Aeroflot” are now quite attractive, 25-30 percent more profitable than connecting flights. The cost of a flight starts from 67 thousand rubles in both directions.
ICS Travel Group also expects the launch of direct Aeroflot flights to increase interest in the resort.
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