Pattaya in June: we meet summer on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand

Pattaya – one of the oldest and most visited resorts in mainland Thailand. In the middle of the last century, the American military chose a small fishing village as a convenient place to relax. Over time, the resort grew and developed. Today, 120 different hotels offer their services in Pattaya: from luxurious VIP apartments to inexpensive guest houses.

Thanks to the hot tropical climate, the popular resort can host guests all year round. In Pattaya there is a pronounced “dry” and “wet” seasons. Summer is the season for rain. Pattaya in June has both undeniable advantages and significant disadvantages. But first things first.

Pattaya in June: we meet summer on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand

Holidays in Pattaya in June: advantages and disadvantages

Thousands of tourists visit Pattaya every year. The high season at the resort lasts from November to April, but there are also those who specially come here in the summer, refuting the assertion that the best time to relax in Thailand – calendar winter.  Reviews about the rest in Pattaya in June are controversial. Some vacationers do not like the frequent rains, while others, on the contrary, see them as a salvation from the hot sun.

In any case, before planning a family trip to Pattaya in the first month of summer, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with all the nuances.

There are many advantages of the June vacation in the popular Thai resort:

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  • Low cost of tours and hotels. The peak season has already ended, hoteliers are reducing the cost of renting rooms. At the same time, prices for entertainment and excursions are falling, as well as a decrease in airfare.
  • Pattaya in June will definitely please you with good weather. Despite the fact that the rainy season falls at the beginning of summer, the favorable location of Pattaya means that it does not rain as often here as in the rest of Thailand. At the same time, the sun is behind the clouds, does not burn and gives vacationers an even chocolate tan.
  • In the first month of summer, Pattaya is not so crowded. By the beginning of summer, the flow of tourists is noticeably reduced, there are no longer crowds of vacationers on the beaches and streets of the city. With all this, the tourism infrastructure continues to operate at full capacity.
  • In June, Pattaya is at the height of the fruit season. Beginning of summer – the best time to taste the fruits of Thailand. Against the backdrop of exotic mangosteen and durian, longan and lychee, bananas of various varieties, mangoes and pineapples no longer seem like outlandish fruits. , and it is worth considering them when preparing for a vacation. Let's name the most significant disadvantages. Although, of course, some of them can be quite subjective:

    • it rains more often than in the dry season;
    • the wind increases;
    • the sun rarely comes out from behind the clouds, cloudy weather prevails;
    • frequent sea tides lead to the fact that the water goes far from the coast and it is inconvenient to swim in the coastal zone;
    • high humidity and hot weather are uncomfortable for young children.

    Weather in Pattaya in June

    Tourists have chosen the sunny Thai city for its mild climate and the opportunity to have an interesting and eventful time. Weather in Pattaya in June – July is no longer as hot as in previous months, but not yet as rainy as in early autumn. And although June – the beginning of the calendar summer, the sultry Thai summer is already coming to an end.

    The weather in early June, as a rule, does not bring unpleasant surprises. The air warms up to + 28 & ndash; 32 ° C during the day and + 25 & ndash; 27 ° C at night. On some days, temperature maxima up to +37 °C are recorded. By this time, the sea has time to warm up to +30 °C.

    The temperature in Pattaya in mid-June begins to decrease. By the beginning of the last decade of the month, it drops to +27–30°C. At this time, high humidity can cause discomfort.

    Sunny days alternate with cloudy ones, and the length of daylight continues to increase. Tropical showers are shorter than, for example, in May and usually pass at night, while the hot earth has time to cool down a bit.

    The weather in Pattaya at the end of June is not much different from what it was in the middle of the month. Unless there are a few more rainy days. The sun is still at its peak, the air humidity remains high.

    Air and water temperature

    Pattaya is located in the tropical climate zone. The climate of the resort is stable throughout the calendar year, there are no sudden temperature changes and there is a clear division of the season into dry and rainy periods.

    Air temperature in Pattaya in June

    The maximum temperature in Pattaya in June, recorded by weather forecasters over the past few years, reached +39 °C during the day and +32 °C at night. The average temperature is +31.9 °C during the day and +28.6 °C at night.

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    By the beginning of summer, sea water warms up to maximum levels, and during June the water temperature rises by another 1-2 degrees. If we talk about the average sea temperature in Pattaya in June, then it is +30.2 °C. For those vacationers who tolerate high humidity well, sea baths will bring only pleasure.


    With the beginning of the calendar summer in the resort, the rainy season, which began in May, is gaining momentum. The amount of precipitation gradually increases, reaching its maximum in autumn. The average amount of precipitation that falls during the first summer month is 154 mm, which promises 11 rainy days. Not so much as for a tropical "wet" season.

    Sunny, cloudy and overcast days

    Most of June, partly cloudy prevails in Pattaya (43% of days), there are also cloudy weather when the sky completely covered with clouds and thunderclouds hanging (27% of the days of the month). However, sunny days are also not uncommon – 30% of days in June there is not a cloud in the sky.

    The average wind strength in June in a Thai resort is 5 m/s, and this makes the first summer month the windiest of the year.

    Beach holidays and not only for the whole family

    Pattaya in June: we meet summer on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand

    Summer in Pattaya can not be called an ideal period for relaxation. But if you don’t feel uncomfortable with high humidity, then you will definitely like a June tour to a sunny Thai resort.

    In early June, the beaches of Pattaya are not so crowded, you can relax and have a great time on the coast. Do you want to admire the picturesque nature and the clear azure sea? Head to the beaches of the neighboring islands of Pattaya, such as Koh Lan and others.

    Despite the fact that in mid-June the rainy season in Thailand has already begun, you can sunbathe and sunbathe here just like at any other time of the year. The sun, hidden behind the clouds, does not burn so much.

    The beaches of Pattaya are not as picturesque as in neighboring Thai resorts, but you can find a cozy place to relax with the whole family:

    • < strong>“Dongtan” – a beach with a fairly wide sandy shore and a gentle slope to the sea.
    • «Wongamat» – the longest in the resort. It is located in the northern part of Pattaya.
    • «Jomtien»– located in the southern part of Pattaya Bay, rich in a variety of entertainment for children.

    The end of June in Pattaya is hot and stuffy. An alternative to lazy lying on the beach will be exciting sea fishing, where you can catch sea carp or barracuda with your own hands. 

    It is at this time that windsurfers also come to Pattaya. The rainy season is always windy, and this weather is good for athletes to hone their skills on high ocean waves.

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    Excursions in Pattaya

    Pattaya in June: meet summer on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand

    Beach holidays – not the only tourist activity in Pattaya at the beginning of summer. The city has many architectural sights and interesting places to visit with the whole family.

    1. Temple of the Big Buddha – the main attraction of Pattaya and a place of prayer for Thais. If you want to get closer to the history and culture of Thailand, be sure to visit this temple. The observation deck next to it offers a beautiful view of Pattaya Bay.
    2. Mini Siam Park in Pattaya – the place where you can see the world's architectural landmarks in a reduced form. During one tour you can visit many parts of the world. Surprisingly, the miniatures of famous buildings, made on a scale of 1:225, are exact copies of the originals.

    Families with children can safely be recommended to visit the Khao Kheo zoo, the oceanarium and the dolphinarium. Here it will be interesting for everyone – both babies and their parents.

    • Khao Kheo Zoo, located 60 km from Pattaya, introduces visitors to more than a hundred species of local flora and fauna.
    • Pattaya Aquarium has collected 200 species of marine animals and fish in its collection, among which are unique specimens presented only here.
    • The resort's Dolphinarium is open to everyone and offers not only an interesting show with dolphins, but also the opportunity to swim with marine mammals in the same pool.

    Holidays, events, festivals

    Thais love to celebrate and do it on a grand scale, from the heart. There are many solemn dates with history and ancient traditions. In the June holiday calendar of Pattaya, we note the most interesting and colorful festivals:

    • The International Music Festivalis a particularly significant event for the resort of Pattaya. The festival starts on the 20th of June and hosts a huge number of musical groups.
    • At the end of the month, the holidays in Pattaya in June continue with the grandiose Electronic Music Festival Knock Knock. In the program of the event – performances by famous DJs and rock bands.

    Vacation prices

    Pattaya in June: meet summer on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand

    It's not for nothing that Thailand is called the “country of the bounty”. Rest here is wonderful in itself, and if there is an opportunity to save money, positive emotions from visiting an original Asian country increase. Prices in Pattaya in June are much lower than in the high season. Tour operators are trying to sell unsold tours, and if you're lucky, you can buy a last-minute tour at a discount of up to 50%.

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    Hotel prices

    The cost of hotels in Pattaya during the year varies significantly depending on the season and the level of service. If we talk about the price of staying in a hotel in June, then the average cost of a room per night is about 50 euros. In May, you will pay 12% less for the same room, and in July, prices drop by 8% compared to the first summer month.

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    Flight prices

    The nearest airport to Pattaya is located 40 km south of the city. A small airport terminal receives dozens of international flights daily. Getting to Pattaya from the airport is convenient by taxi and minivan. In May, ticket prices are 5% higher than in June, and already in July, ticket prices begin to decline by an average of 7%.

    Tour prices

    Tours to Pattaya are always in demand. Tourist market operators, trying to meet the great demand, offer travelers a variety of options, from budget to expensive. The approximate cost of a week-long tour to Pattaya in the first month of summer per adult with standard accommodation is 600-800 euros.

    Recommendations for children

    Every year, a lot of families with children, and even very young ones, have a rest in Pattaya. We advise you not to postpone your trip until your little one is older, but we suggest you take into account some points.

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    Firstly, the flight to Pattaya is quite long and can be tiring for the baby. Think in advance what to do with your child on the road.

    Secondly, June is one of the hottest months in the resort, moreover, high humidity is observed at this time of the year. This climate is not exactly suitable for babies. If possible, postpone the trip with the crumbs to another month or be prepared for the fact that the acclimatization period will be delayed.

    Another tip: do not forget to take a raincoat for yourself and your child. Still, in Pattaya in June, the rainy season, and intense tropical rain, although short, can catch you on a walk.

    Pattaya – a universal resort suitable for both youth companies and families with children. Start your acquaintance with an exotic Asian country from hospitable Pattaya and discover new interesting facts about Thailand.


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