Over 2,000 Russians have visited Venezuela since May 2021

In May 2021, direct flights from Caracas to Moscow were launched, after which more than 2,000 Russian tourists visited Venezuela.

More than 2,000 Russians have visited Venezuela since May 2021

“Currently, Venezuela is actively develops the tourism industry and develops new destinations for Russian citizens. Already now we see that Russian tourists are beginning to explore the promising Venezuelan destination. Since the opening of direct regular flights, more than 2,000 Russians have visited the country,”, said Venezuelan Ambassador to Russia Jesús Rafael Salazar Velasquez.

According to Interfax, Margarita Island is the most popular among Russian tourists . Venezuelan Minister of Tourism Ali Ernesto Padron Paredes noted that Margarita is one of the best places for a beach holiday, has many options for outdoor activities, including surfing and kiting, and tourists have the opportunity to visit more than 40 national parks and reserves.


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