On Tourism Day, Masters of Hospitality, together with partners and regions, will give residents vivid impressions

September 27 is World Tourism Day. On their professional holiday, the winners and finalists of the “Masters of Hospitality” tourist competition – a project of the presidential platform “Russia – a Land of Opportunities” together with project partners and regions in different cities countries will hold activities and events for residents. Russians will be able to attend free tours, workshops, promotions and other events in their cities. On the same day, bright photo zones will open in the regions, which will become points of attraction for tourists.

World Tourism Day is a holiday that brings together active, caring, eager for discovery and adventure tourists, as well as those who work in the hospitality industry and gives travelers the opportunity to relax in comfort. This day has been celebrated in Russia since 1983.

On Tourism Day, the Masters of Hospitality, together with partners and regions, will give residents vivid impressions

“Tourism is about impressions” – this is the short message of the Masters of Hospitality on Tourism Day. This motto will be broadcast at events to be held in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voronezh, Chelyabinsk, Cheboksary, Kaliningrad, Murmansk, Ufa, Novosibirsk, Tver, Yamal and Kamchatka and other cities and regions of Russia.

“Masters of Hospitality” is the country's main tourism competition, which is aimed primarily at supporting talented and enterprising specialists in the hospitality industry and developing domestic and inbound tourism in Russia. Tourism Day is a professional holiday for all our participants, mentors and experts. It is these people who create tourism in Russia, put their soul into this process, thereby attracting tourists from all over the world to different parts of the country. On this day, the Masters of Hospitality will immerse residents in the atmosphere of travel and prove that tourism is, first of all, vivid impressions,” says the head of the “Masters of Hospitality” competition Bogdan Kondratov.


Together with the regions of Russia, the Masters of Hospitality are holding the campaign “Tourism is about impressions”. From Kaliningrad to Kamchatka, bright photo zones will appear at the venues for tourist events, in Chelyabinsk and Yamal they will give away and raffle branded merch, in Murmansk, Cheboksary and Voronezh they will organize festive events where you can take memorable vivid photos and participate in promotions and sweepstakes.< /p>

Together with the All-Russian public organization “Streets of Russia”Masters of hospitality on Tourism Day will start creating a cool art object: in the socio-cultural space in the historical center of Perm – the Shpagin Plant – a bright graffiti will appear with the phrase: “Tourism is about impressions.”

On the eve of the holiday two drawings will be launched on the social networks of the Masters of Hospitality project: by fulfilling simple conditions, anyone can win a sightseeing tour from the Sletat.Ru company (draw VKontakte),as well as a large basket of local products from different regions of the country from Ambassadors of Hospitality (draw in Telegram-channel).

The holiday will not pass without treats. In Ufa, on the Two Fountains Square, residents and guests of the city will try the national Bashkir pie Zur Belish, and in Rostov-on-Don, those who wish will be treated to the national Russian loaf.

On September 27, the finalists and winners of the project “Masters of Hospitality” of various regions will hold free interesting excursions for adults and young residents:

  • In the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Leysan Suleimanova Ambassador of Hospitality will guide those who wish along the author's route of the Suleyman Travel Excursion Center – “Rock and Rap in Ufa”. In the format of a city walk, the Master will talk about the phenomenon of the musical culture of Ufa, the formation of rock and rap in the city.
  • In the Bryansk region, Ambassador of Hospitality Victoria Rogovaorganizes free tours with colleagues around the city of Bryansk and places of interest in the region: the memorial complex “Partizanskaya Polyana”, the Dyatkovo Crystal Museum, the State Memorial Historical and Literary Museum-Reserve of F.I. Tyutchev “Ovstug” and others.
  • In the Tver region, the finalist of the “Masters of Hospitality” competition Ivan Petushkov will lead a tour of the village of Chashkovo and the family home of the Tver Karelians. Participants will be able to take part in the Black Bath interactive program, as well as attend a master class on making Karelian pies baked in a Russian oven.
  • In Kislovodsk, the Master of Hospitality Anna Grechkina will lead an immersive tour, combining walking and theater in it. An audio date with the city will introduce you to the past, architecture and life of the city in the company of an invisible interlocutor, with music, games and dances.
  • Ambassador of Hospitality of the Rostov Region Anna Pivovarova will be waiting for you on the tour in Rostov-on-Don, Ambassador of Hospitality of the Tambov Region Valentina Kobzarwill immerse you in the amazing world of Tambov region, the Master of Hospitality Lyudmila Frolova will lead a tour of the glorious city of Serpukhov, and the Ambassador of Hospitality Nina Khalilova will present amazing stories about the city of Sevastopol.
  • On the eve of Tourism Day on September 24 Ambassador of Hospitality of the Astrakhan Region Irina Vodovozovaunder the slogan: “A great Motherland begins with a small one! Exploring the surroundings” will go on a hike with the students of the Sergiev school together with naturalist, photographer, writer Vladimir Pankov.

The First Craft Museum will open in Novosibirsk with a mobile exposition “Living Tree” with a training and production platform, equipped with equipment for schoolchildren and students. The winner of the competition “Masters of Hospitality” Yulia Goncharovainvites you to get acquainted with craftsmen and artists, visit a tour of the exposition with a demonstration of handicraft and modern equipment. Participants are waiting for gifts from the Novosibirsk tour operator.

“Traveling for meis always a holiday! A holiday of discoveries, new emotions and impressions. On World Tourism Day I want to congratulate and wish all colleagues and those who passionate about travel new roads, inspiration and, of course, good fellow travelers! Waiting for a visit September 27th. We are waiting for you excursions, master classesand gifts. Travel is much closer than you think! Travel and be happy» , – notes the finalist of the competition “Masters of Hospitality” Yulia Goncharova.

The winner of the competition invites you to the northern capital “Masters of Hospitality”, Hospitality Ambassador Kristina Zhiltsova. From September 23 to September 25, pavilions with thematic multimedia installations will open on Palace Square in St. Petersburg, showing the city on the Neva as the capital of various tourism destinations.

The Master of Hospitality forum will be held at the Academy of Social Management in Moscow , which will bring together students, staff and teachers of the Academy, schoolchildren and teachers of the Moscow region. The event is organized by the finalist of the “Masters of Hospitality” competition, the Ambassador of Hospitality of the Amur Region Anastasia Dymova. ASOU teachers, experts, organizers and participants of the “Masters of Hospitality” competition will talk about the training of personnel in the field of tourism, certification of guides and guide-interpreters, travel around the Moscow region, the “Masters of Hospitality” competition and the opportunities that the project gives participants. The event will end with a master class “The mastery of hospitality: from idea to implementation”.

More information about promotions, start time of excursions and events can be found in the social networks of the Masters of Hospitality project: the VKontakte group and Telegram- channel”.


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