“Now only by train”: the number of flights in Russia is declining

The state reduces financial support for the industry.

“Now only by train”: the number of flights in Russia is declining

In anticipation of the start of the holiday season, Russian air carriers are restructuring domestic flight schedules. First of all, this concerns flights that take place between regions, bypassing Moscow. Previously, up to 9 billion rubles a year were allocated to airlines for these flights, but now funding will be reduced by about one and a half billion rubles.

According to the data provided, flights from the Omsk and Tyumen regions were the first to be cut, as well as from Tatarstan, Dagestan, North Ossetia and St. Petersburg. It is worth noting that last year, 2.7 million passengers traveled by air to their destinations bypassing the capital.

The industry representatives said: “Rosaviatsia approached the issue formally: they removed from the program those routes on which airlines have not yet concluded agreements on co-financing flights with regional authorities.

First of all, those flights were canceled that would not cause mass indignation and unrest among potential passengers. However, further adjustments to passenger programs are expected in the near future.


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