Nepal Attractions: Top 21

Nepal Attractions: Top 21

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Numerous sights of Nepal and high-class hotel service are available to tourists almost at any time of the year. Here you can organize a vacation for every taste, from immersion in the world of spiritual teachings, ending with spa treatments. And no matter how luxurious the hotels in Nepal are, the most beautiful is located outside them. Stunning views, a variety of active entertainment, ancient temples and an abundance of sacred places await foreign visitors. It is extremely difficult to say what to see in Nepal in 1 day, because there are dozens of beautiful and interesting places for tourists. We have compiled a rating that presents the best attractions – you can use it as a guide when preparing your trip. Wherever you decide to go, do not forget to buy souvenirs (teas, ceramics, clothes and blankets made from natural materials) that will remind you of your trip.

What to see in Nepal first

When choosing what to visit in Nepal, you should start from who you are traveling with (alone, with family, friends), for how long and what ideas you have about a good vacation. The choice of place of residence also depends on preferences. Mostly here is a mountainous area, so it is inconvenient to travel long distances every day, and the main attractions are scattered throughout the territory. Initially, decide what you want more – to make tracks, see ancient buildings, visit national parks, etc.

Here are the sights of Nepal that you should definitely consider as elements of a tourist route:

1. Kathmandu City

Nepal Attractions: Top 21

Panorama of Kathmandu city 松岡明芳

The city of Kathmandu is a non-standard metropolis, which has a special atmosphere of antiquity due to the many buildings of the old building. Do not know what to see in Nepal, having arrived in the capital for just a day? We recommend visiting temples, walking along the narrow streets, observing the local way of life, and be sure to see at least a couple of museums and palace complexes with truly priceless items. If you can't book a hotel, check out the newly opened tourist center near Palace Square, where there is wireless Internet, overnight rooms and an inexpensive cafe.

2. Durbar Square (Kathmandu)

Nepal Attractions: Top 21

Durbar Square – the historical center of Kathmandu

Durbar Square (Kathmandu) is a unique space in the capital, where there are approximately fifty objects recognized as the cultural and historical heritage of the country. An essential nuance is that in order to see the archaeological monuments, the tourist will have to pay an entrance ticket valid for a day. Not all buildings have survived in good condition – this is largely due to the destruction after a strong earthquake in the thirties of the last century. The most interesting thing for travelers will be inside the Hanuman Dhoka palace complex, if you wish, you can see the city from a bird's eye view by climbing the tower.

Official website: http://dbrevisited.weebly< /p>

3. Kathmandu Valley

Nepal Attractions: Top 21

Kathmandu valley view

The Kathmandu Valley is a well-known landmark of Nepal, attracting with a huge number of historical and archeological monuments (the total number exceeds 130 objects). During an excursion or an independent visit, you can see the buildings erected in the first century, as well as examine the decoration of the temples, which are considered sacred to the followers of Hinduism and Buddhism.

4. Lumbini

Nepal Attractions: Top 21

Lotus Stupa in Lumbini

Lumbini is the most popular place among Buddhists – it was here, according to ancient legends, that Shakyamuni Buddha was born. Keep in mind that pilgrims and ordinary tourists constantly come here, so be prepared for a large number of people around. However, the size of the complex allows you to enjoy the tour of the stupa, temple buildings and monasteries. The list of the main attractions of Nepal includes the Maya Devi temple with a nearby column of the ruler Ashoka – you should definitely get into it.

5. The ancient city of Patan (Lalitpur)

Nepal Attractions: Top 21

The area of ​​the ancient city of Patan (Lalitpur)

The ancient city of Patan (Lalitpur) is now practically part of Kathmandu, which used to be a separate settlement with temples of various divine beings. A visit to a real Buddhist monastery will be very interesting, especially since it was here that the coronations of Nepalese rulers once took place. Other popular attractions are souvenir shops and a zoo, where children will especially like it.

Check out the beautiful places of Nepal in this wonderful video!

6. Pokhara City

Nepal Attractions: Top 21

Magnificent panorama of the terraces of the city of Pokhara

The city of Pokhara is one of the most populated cities in the country and is the starting point for travelers climbing the peaks of the Himalayas. Mostly city guests spend time on the shores of Lake Phewa, enjoying amazing views, and in its vicinity, where there are hotels, cafes, restaurants and even several nightclubs.

Official site: http://pokharamun.

7. Kanchenjunga Mountain Range

Sights of Nepal: Top 21

Nepalese prayer flags on the Kanchenjunga mountain range

Kanchenjunga mountain range – includes five mountain peaks that form a natural border with neighboring India. For the first time, it was possible to climb Kanchenjunga only in the fifties of the last century, although there were attempts to do this as early as 1905. The massif is distinguished by a high level of climbing difficulty, so only those who have been mountaineering professionally and for more than a year should go here.

Official website:< /p>

8. Mount Chomolungma (Everest)

Nepal Attractions: Top 21

Majestic mountain peak Chomolungma (Everest)

Mount Chomolungma (Everest) is the mountain that has made Nepal a world famous tourist destination. Having the highest height among the existing peaks, Everest attracts ordinary people and climbers with different levels of experience. Due to weather conditions, it is best to climb the mountain in the autumn-spring period, and it is not necessary to reach the top. For less prepared travelers, special camps are equipped at an altitude of 6.4 and 5.3 kilometers. When going to the mountains, one should take into account the significant costs of money and time, because it takes at least 60 days to prepare for the ascent.

9. Annapurna National Park

Nepal Attractions: Top 21

Alpine lake Tilicho in Annapurna National Park

Annapurna National Park is a place to go in Nepal for anyone who loves mountains, but is not necessarily an experienced climber. The highlights of the park, which has been in operation since 1986, are the tracks, mountain scenery and sacred sites, some of which are forbidden to tourists. Professionals can climb Annapurna after completing a training course and hiring a guide among the locals.

Official website:

10. Sagarmatha National Park

Nepal Attractions: Top 21

Dudh Kosi River in Sagarmatha National Park

Sagarmatha National Park – covers an area of ​​​​more than a thousand square kilometers and includes the highest peak in the world – Chomolungma. Tourists can communicate with representatives of the Sherpa people, and if desired, hire them as guides for mountain climbing. It is worth taking the time to get acquainted with the architecture and interior design, as well as the way of life of Tjangboche and other Buddhist monasteries located here.

11. Chitwan National Park

Nepal Attractions: Top 21

Landscape of the Royal Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park is one of the Nepalese attractions where you can not only have fun, but also stay overnight. To accommodate travelers, special houses for several people are provided. Due to the large area of ​​the park and the animals living outside the cages and enclosures, it will not be possible to explore it on foot – you can choose a jeep as a vehicle or take an unforgettable ride on an elephant. The park area is under the protection of the authorities, and to get to it from the capital, you will need to cover a distance of two hundred kilometers. By the way, once local kings used to hunt here.

Official site: http://www.chitwannationalpark

12. Dharahara (Bhimsen Tower)

Nepal Attractions: Top 21

Dharahara Tower (Bhimsen Tower) with Sugat Shrestha spiral staircase

Dharahara (Bhimsen Tower) is one of the sights of Nepal that are forever lost due to natural disasters. Built in the nineteenth century in the center of the capital, the structure used to consist of two towers of Bhimsen and Dharahara, eleven floors each. They were used to detect the enemy on the outskirts of the city. Both structures are now destroyed as a result of strong tremors in 1934 and 2015.

13. Swayambhunath Temple Center

Nepal Attractions: Top 21

Wild monkeys at Swayambhunath Stupa in Nepal

The Swayambhunath temple center is an important place for Buddhists on the border of the city limits of Kathmandu, where they come to closely communicate with numerous monkeys, inspect the main stupa of the same name and 365 steps, as well as visit local monasteries and walk through the picturesque park area.

< p> Official website:http://swayambhu.buddhism

14. Pashupatinath Temple

Nepal Attractions: Top 21

View of the Pashupatinath Temple from the Hill

Pashupatinath Temple is located in the eastern part of Nepal's largest metropolis, being a place of constant visitation by Hindu followers. Many travelers from other countries also come here, who are interested in seeing real yogis and hermits living in numerous caves. The main tourist attraction is the main temple, where the burial ceremonies of the dead are held. You can watch this action, but only from the other side of the river.

Official website: http://pashupatinathtemple

15. Kopan Monastery

Nepal Attractions: Top 21

Embroidered walls next to the main gate of Kopan Monastery

Kopan Monastery is a wonderful choice to visit in Nepal to experience the positive effects of meditation first hand. Buddha is worshiped in Copan, and you can easily get there by car or by public transport in the capital. The monastery has been open for almost 50 years, and anyone can enter for free. But for the lessons of Lamrim and other teachings, you will have to pay. Well-known actors, musicians, athletes and politicians regularly come here to master certain spiritual practices (many have their own personal mentors).

Official website: http://www

16. Boudhanath Temple Center

Nepal Attractions: Top 21

A large Buddhist stupa in the Boudhanath temple complex

The temple center of Boudhanath is a large area complex, on the territory of which there is everything you need for an exciting pastime for foreign guests: souvenir shops, a mandala-shaped stupa in the central part, meditation schools, monasteries and restaurants where you can taste traditional Nepalese dishes.< /p>

Nepal attractions: what else to visit in Nepal

In addition to the listed sights of Nepal, there are still a huge number of places that travelers should devote time to. In our review, we will mention those that are the most popular, so that you can fully appreciate all the delights of a holiday in this amazing country. Please note that most of them involve ordering a guide in Nepal – this is due to the need to negotiate special transport, equipment rental, etc.

So, here are five more options for what to see in Nepal:

17. Kumari Ghar Temple (Temple of Goddess Kumari)

Nepal Attractions: Top 21

Kumari Ghar Palace Temple on Durbar Square in Kathmandu Bijay chaurasia

Temple of Kumari-Ghar (Temple of Goddess Kumari), erected three centuries ago to worship the human incarnation of Talej. The place is unique, because a girl lives inside, who, through numerous checks, is chosen among hundreds of other representatives of the Shakya caste and revered as a goddess. It is considered incredible luck to see the earthly Kumari, so there are always people near the windows who are waiting for her to come out.

18. Lake Phewa (Phewa)

Nepal Attractions: Top 21

Paragliders over Lake Phewa

Lake Phewa (Phewa) is a landmark of Nepal, which is often visited by connoisseurs of natural wonders. The fresh water lake is surrounded by mountain peaks, and in the very middle there is an island where pilgrims and ordinary tourists go by boats who want to see the Bahari temple complex with their own eyes. If you look closely, Annapurna is visible in clear water in calm and sunny weather.

19. Mehendra Cave

Sights of Nepal: Top 21

Descent to Mehendra Cave Kamalbeloved

Mehendra Cave, inside which thousands of bats found shelter. If you are not afraid of these animals, then, armed with a lantern and a guide, you can go inside to admire the unusual stalactites. Outwardly, many of them resemble Shiva, one of the most revered Hindu deities. If you are claustrophobic or afraid of the dark, then it is better to consider other options for what to see in Nepal.

20. Rafting in Nepal

Nepal Attractions: Top 21

Tranquil stretch of river among Nepal's wildlife < p>Rafting in Nepal is an entertainment that will give an extravaganza of positive emotions, because the local rivers are quite stormy and have many rapids. There are many rivers suitable for rafting in the Himalayas, including some that will surprise professionals in this sport. You need to decide where to raft, taking into account your preparation and the desire to take children to rafting. Of the difficult trails, San Kosi is popular, Trisuli is suitable for families, and Bhote Kosi is a universal choice for beginners.

21. Tracks in the mountains of Nepal

Nepal Attractions: Top 21

Tracks in the mountains of Nepal – an affordable type of outdoor activity

Tracks in the mountains of Nepal are attracting more and more connoisseurs of hiking due to the availability of routes of varying difficulty, including to the foot of Everest and other peaks. Getting to the base camps at a decent height is not possible for everyone, but there are much simpler tracks that even a person without special training can do.

As you can see, there are really a lot of sights in Nepal, so with compilation route problems will not arise, no matter how many days you arrive. Do not forget to check the weather forecast beforehand, because, for example, during the rainy season, it is not so pleasant to look at interesting places. A good option is to view descriptions, photos and reviews of the main attractions and book excursions in Nepal in advance. In this case, you will not have to spend extra time during the trip.

Those who travel with children and choose what to see in Nepal, it makes sense to combine a relaxing and active holiday so that the kids do not get too tired. And finally, one more recommendation for tourists going on a trip: follow safety measures while staying in a mountainous area so as not to get injured or get lost. Read also about the sights of Brunei and plan your next trip to Asia!


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