Munich in July: hot days in the big city

When the sun is at its zenith, and people tired of hot weather hide under air conditioners, many run away from the city heat to the sea, but there are also those who choose an educational vacation in large cities, such as, for example, Munich. However, not everything is so scary…

This is not the northern part of the continent, the feeling of summer will not go away, but the comfortable air temperature, thanks to frequent refreshing rains and an abundance of greenery, makes staying in the city as pleasant as possible for its residents and guests even into the heat. For architectural beauty, entertainment and sunny weather, combined with a rich excursion program in the cool halls of museums, you should go here in July.

Munich in July: hot days of the big city

Rest in Munich in July: sunny mood

Reviews of holidays in Munich in July are full of summer bliss. The Germans don't have a siesta, but in the summer the city takes on its own slow life – a leisurely lifestyle that leaves time for pleasure as much as for work. By visiting Munich in July, you will feel the local rhythm of life and pick it up along with other tourists. How could it be otherwise, because this month has so many benefits:

  • A lot of sun and clean air, which give temporary rains and local greenery.
  • The parks are green and sunny in spring.
  • There are a lot of parks – in summer it is so nice to hide in the shade of their trees.
  • You can get to the international opera festival, one of the significant cultural events of the summer.
  • Many residents leave the city due to the holiday period.
  • Heavy summer sales begin.

About certain The downsides of the July trip are also worth knowing:

  • The sun is already hot with might and main, so take care of hats for the whole family.
  • This is a month with numerous rainfall (second place per year according to the number of rains).
  • During the daytime, the most comfortable rest will be in air-conditioned rooms or shady parks.
  • On Sundays, shops in Munich are closed, including grocery stores.

Munich Weather in July

Weather in July – August in Munich can hardly be called the most comfortable for traveling with children. There is no excessive heat here, but often the sun is quite aggressive, so staying under it for too long is not recommended to avoid sunstroke. The surrounding freshness can be deceptive, so you should not walk for a long time under direct rays, especially if you are traveling with babies.

The weather at the beginning of July is more pleasant than at the end, when August is approaching – the hottest month of the year. The average temperature in Munich in mid-July is +23 °C, which is still comfortable for spending time outdoors and walking around the city – the asphalt does not have time to heat up, the blessed rains cool it down from time to time. The weather in Munich at the end of July already makes passers-by seek coolness and take refuge in shady parks.

Air temperature

The temperature in Munich in July confirms the fact that you can spend a comfortable summer vacation here. For those who can't stand the heat well, Munich's climate is a suitable alternative to the hot southern countries. Humidity is moderate – the summer sun quickly dries the sidewalks even after the heaviest rain.

The modern advantages of civilization are such that in Munich you can enjoy swimming even without the sea – just an hour away by public transport, in the suburbs, there is a beautiful large water park Galaxy Erding, which saves both residents of the metropolis and tourists from the heat. In addition, numerous other attractions will help to combine walks in green parks and museums with an entertainment program. The presence of such places comes in handy on the rainy days of July.

Air temperature in Munich in July

July is in second place after August in the list of the warmest months of the year. The average daily air temperature in Munich in July reaches approximately +23 °C, and at night it is +13 °C. If for the first days the temperature is about +22 °C during the day and +12 °C at night, then in the middle of the month it rises by a couple of degrees and remains so until August.

The actual air temperature, especially at the end July, can reach up to +29°30°C during the day and +17°C at night. During the day you will probably not freeze, but if you plan to walk late, then stock up on clothes that you can throw over your shoulders to protect yourself from the cool evening wind.


< p>July also ranks second in the list of the rainiest months of the year, but after June. The average rainfall this month is approximately 116.8 mm. This norm, as a rule, is collected in nine days of the month, which is a little less than a third of the whole of July. In this case, you need to stock up on an umbrella, and for small satellites, it is most convenient to grab a small children's raincoat – it will reliably protect against bad weather.

Sunny, cloudy and overcast days

July also ranks second in terms of the number of sunny days. As a percentage, sunny and clear weather accounts for 48% of the month. Cloudy weather will rule July 33% of the days, and overcast – hold on 19% of the month. However, no weather will prevent you from having a wonderful vacation in Munich and getting a lot of positive emotions and impressions.

Sightseeing holidays

Munich in July: hot days of the big city

At the beginning of July, thanks to clear days, it becomes possible to view the city from viewpoints. The top 4 spots for stunning views of the city are the panoramic Olympic Tower View at a maximum height of 192m, New Town Hall View, St. Peter's Church and Frauenkirche.

It is also worth mentioning that there is a clock on the tower of the City Hall, which gives children an incredible performance every day – at 11:00, 12:00 and 17:00 they begin to move, the figures begin to show a small performance. Although the watch looks relatively small from below, this is a misconception – they are huge, just at a high altitude.

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On a hot day in mid-July, it's especially nice to take a walk in the Hellabrunn Zoo, where funny animals await guests, which delight not only young visitors.

Good idea – go for a picnic in the English Garden, sit on a bedspread near the Tea House and then enjoy the atmosphere of real relaxation.

Also, you can stroll through the Renaissance-style Hofgarten park , in the center of which is a beautiful Temple of Diana. In addition, the air here is saturated with moisture from the constant splashes of the fountain, and in the evenings there are incendiary dance performances.

At the end of July, a visit to Nymphenburg Castle will mentally take you to the French Versailles – nothing worse here: the same openwork benches, bridges and neat flower beds. In addition, the famous “Gallery of Beauties” is a place of attraction for tourists. inside the castle – this is a collection of portraits of the most beautiful women of the city, commissioned by King Ludwig. The monarch was a connoisseur of beauty. In the park you can also visit the Carriage Museum, the Porcelain Museum and the Museum of Man and Nature. You will see something interesting in each of them.

The Blutenburgpicturesqueness will make you wonder why the locals call it the “Castle of Blood”. However, a sad love story will explain the popular name, local guides will be happy to tell you.

In hot weather, plan trips to museums with your children. Almost all the buildings where the exhibitions are located have air conditioning.

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Munich Pinakothek – Old, New and Contemporary Art– will help to plunge into beauty. Here are collected wonderful collections of paintings and architecture by famous masters. Beer Museum will tell you a lot of interesting things about the preparation of the intoxicating drink that has become a symbol of Munich. Here you can not only learn about the brewing process, but also try one or another kind of intoxicating drink.

Amusing dolphins in the Sea Life aquarium will bring great pleasure to both adults and children, and toothy sharks will amaze with their menacing look. A visit to the paleontological museum will once again amaze you with the size of extinct pangolins – there are huge skeletons of dinosaurs. The variety of cars at the BMW Museum will delight not only parents, but also young racers and racers. In addition to the history of the concern itself, thanks to the exhibits presented, you can see the evolution of automotive production.

Holidays, Events & Festivals

Munich in July: hot days in the big city

Festivities in Munich in July focus on beauty. Since most people roam the parks and gardens, local galleries and museums organize a variety of activities to attract visitors.

In the middle of the month, a flower fair is held, where you can admire beautiful floral arrangements. However, the main event of the summer, which covers the whole of July, is the International Opera Festival. It attracts opera fans from different countries, primarily from Italy. World-famous stars perform here, and the number of tickets sold sometimes reaches 80 thousand.

However, even such a large building as the National Opera Housein Munich, unable to accept everyone. Therefore, a huge screen is installed on the square in front of the building, thanks to which another 140,000 people can enjoy the performances of artists. Interestingly, people who come to see the opera in the square are also often dressed in beautiful dresses and costumes. At the end of the broadcast from the theater, here, on the square in front of the opera, amateur performances of young talents sometimes take place.

Another annual summer festival that attracts interest from tourists, – Tollwood. The motto of the festival – “Culture for all”, so 70% of all performances are free. During the festival, theatrical performances, various exhibitions, a handicraft market and many other events await guests.


Munich in July: Hot Big City Days

In July, especially in its second half, there is a period of summer sales. Therefore, shoppers also flock to Munich. Discounts in shops the most various – from 20 to 80%. The sooner you go shopping, the more likely it is to find clothes in the right size without any problems, because by the end of the sales there is only an unpopular size grid.

The most famous shops are located on Marienplatz, Kaufingerstrasse, Newhauser Strasse and Tiatinerstrasse. Expensive boutiques are located on Brenersstrasse and Maximilianstrasse. Shoppers are making good money these days – professionals in the field of buying clothes and choosing a style. Their services are not cheap – from 150 to 600 euros, depending on experience and time spent on the client. Most often they are hired by those who buy clothes of expensive brands, but on the days of sales, a queue forms for their services. If you want to use them, you should look for contacts on the Internet and book a time for joint shopping trips in advance.

Particular attention should be paid to children's clothing – in Germany it is of high quality. On sale days, prices are so high that it is worth buying even something for children to grow in, since such things will cost much more in our country, and the quality may lag behind German.

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Vacation prices

Munich in July: hot days of the big city

Prices in Munich in July are slightly higher than in June. This was influenced by weather conditions (reducing the amount of rain), and the height of the International Opera Festival, and the time of summer holidays, and sales. Plane tickets increase by an average of 20% and reach the average annual cost. The only way to save money is to buy tickets from low-cost carriers, low-cost carriers, pre-booking, flights with transfers or on unpopular days.

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Hotels close to the National Opera House increase the cost of living by 5-10%. Hostels – up to 20%, since young lovers of the capital's shopping often stop there. But if you are traveling with small children, then it is better to settle away from the concentration of opera lovers, who often walk late and make noise on the city streets. The rise in price did not affect only food, since it is not very cheap in Munich. For a lunch for one person in an inexpensive cafe, you need to pay at least 15 euros, and for a dinner for two in a restaurant – about 50 euros.

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Tips for travelers with children

Traveling this month with young tourists won't give you a wardrobe headache – lots of light clothing and a couple of sweatshirts in case of rain will make up the basic wardrobe for you and your children. As a last resort, it's easy to get what you need at great sale prices in July.

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Exactly this month a real summer comes to Munich, which will give you its hot kiss. However, by planning trips to museums and parks in advance, you will make walking and exploring the city more comfortable.


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