Moscow Travel Day: current trends in business tourism outlined in Moscow

On October 3, Moscow hosted the Moscow Travel Day conference, organized by the Moscow Tourism Committee. More than 100 representatives of the tourism business and MICE agencies gathered at its site.

As part of the event, discussions were held with experts, case sessions “Business pleasure – a new experience of business tourism in Moscow” and “Portrait of a business tourist 2023”.

discussion focuses on prospects for the development of business tourism, the latest industry trends and the Moscow Government grant program for organizers of business and youth events.

Moscow Travel Day: current trends in business tourism outlined in Moscow

“For us, in all industry events, the most important thing is to create a platform for building a dialogue, both between business representatives and between business and the city. Today we are announcing the start of a new stage of grant support provided by Mostourism to organizers of business events,” — said Anastasia Popova, Head of the Directorate for Congress, Exhibition and Industry Projects of the ANO Project Office for the Development of Tourism and Hospitality of Moscow.

During the first two stages of the program, the organizers approved 60 applications for a total amount of more than 120 million rubles. Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs who hold conferences, forums and corporate and business meetings, as well as various events for young people in the capital can count on financial support.

According to Mosturism, an average of up to 20 percent of the total tourist The flow from the Russian regions is accounted for by tourists arriving in Moscow for business purposes.

“Coming to the capital, business travelers stay in Moscow hotels and spend almost 20 percent of their total travel expenses on city cafes, restaurants and grocery stores. In addition, businessmen usually visit Moscow several times, repeatedly returning to the city. Everyone benefits from this — business makes a profit, and taxes go to the state treasury,” — said Olga Nechaeva, head of the program-targeted planning department of the Moscow City Tourism Committee.

At the case session “Business pleasure – a new experience of business tourism in Moscow”, representatives of the tourism industry discussed how to increase the attractiveness of a business event and integrate the cultural and educational part into the business program – sports events, excursions to industrial enterprises, VR tours and much more.

The conference was held as part of the program of the Committee for Tourism of the city of Moscow Moscow Travel Hub. Over the two years of its operation, the online platform has brought together more than 5,000 representatives of the tourism sector and specialists in related areas. As part of the Moscow Travel Hub, an IT development competition for the Moscow Travel Hack industry is being held. The goal of the program is to ensure the integration of the tourism industry with the IT sector.


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