Monaco Attractions: Top 20

Monaco Attractions: Top 20

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Monaco is a tiny state in which people are used to living luxuriously. Only wealthy tourists go there, because even a cup of coffee there costs 50 US dollars. The sights of Monaco are scattered throughout the country, each deserves attention. It is important to know that significant cultural monuments are located quite far from each other. Knowing in advance what to see in Monaco will help you organize your trip.

What to see in Monaco first?

First of all, I would like to present you a rating of the sights of Monaco that you need to see first of all. A trip to this country cannot but be remembered, because it is literally overflowing with historical and cultural monuments.

1. Museum of Old Monaco

Monaco Attractions: Top 20

Facade of a historic building on Place du Palais in the Old Town of Monaco

As the name implies, this is a place where entire collections of antique items, ceramics, and paintings are presented to the attention of tourists and local residents. The furnishings are made from preserved furniture of past centuries. Tourists are also interested in national costumes, because they seem to carry them back to the old days. The museum is free to visit and is open on certain days of the week from June to September. By visiting it, you can get an idea of ​​who Monegasques are in general.

2. Botanical Garden of Monaco

Monaco Attractions: Top 20

Flora of Monaco Botanical Garden

It has several names, but one thing is for sure, that this attraction should be one of the first to see. There are unique collections of cacti, succulents, and what about the view from above, which opens from the hill! The whole principality will be at your fingertips. In describing the garden, I would like to note that it specializes mainly in plants with special tissues where water is stored. They came from different parts of the world. The area of ​​the garden reaches 1 ha, it grows specimens that have managed to take root in the local climate.

Official website: http://www.visitmonaco.

3. Larvotto Beach

Monaco Attractions: Top 20

Snow-white artificial sand on Larvotto beach

This Monaco attraction is a must for those who want a glamorous beach holiday, because the beach is one of the most expensive in the world. You can sunbathe topless on it, but keep in mind that the absence of jewelry on the body can be regarded as bad form. As for the prices for drinks, beach equipment, they are just off scale, but the service of the staff in restaurants and on the sea coast is worth it. Mothers with children especially like the net of jellyfish that stretches along the entire coast.

4. Monaco Ville

Monaco Attractions: Top 20

Panorama of Monaco Ville

For those who are not in the know, the described state does not have a capital, it has only districts, one of which is Monaco-Ville. It is riddled with picturesque footpaths that lead to the Palace Square, where the official residence of the princely family is located. Many tourists tend to get here to watch how the guard, consisting of 12 perfectly matched soldiers, changes. The area is located on a rock 60 m high above the water level, it is within easy reach of the sea.

5. Japanese garden

Monaco Attractions: Top 20

Corner of the Japanese Garden

This attraction of Monaco is considered a real miracle, and it is located on Princess Grace Avenue, as close as possible to the beach. Looking at the photo of the garden, you understand that it is deservedly one of the best in the world. It is known that its creation was commissioned by the architect and landscape painter Yassy Beppyu. For 17 months, a whole team of designers painstakingly worked on solving complex technical problems, and it was worth it. The result was a real masterpiece, which to this day belongs to the best sights not only in the country, but also in the world. Plants were selected and arranged in accordance with such concepts as 4 seasons (a symbol of the cyclical nature of human life) and 5 cardinal points.

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Be sure to watch this beautiful video about Monaco!

6. Vintage Car Museum

Monaco Attractions: Top 20

Victor Grigas Vintage Car Collection

While traveling around Monaco, it does not hurt to visit an exhibition of car collections belonging to the prince. The collection contains only a rarity, everything is placed on the Fontvieille Terrace. The number of vehicles reaches hundreds, among them European and American models, and of various eras. Of interest are the carriages that once belonged to Prince Rainier III.

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7. Saint Nicholas Cathedral

Sights of Monaco: Top 20

The majestic building of the Cathedral of St. Nicholas

Excursions in Monaco almost never do without a visit to the main church, which is a building made in the Romanesque style. It was erected in the period 1875-1903, the interior decoration is represented by paintings by Louis Brea. Don't know what to see in Monaco in 1 day? Visit the temple with the official name of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. It also serves as a family burial vault for the rulers of the state. Divine services are held only on major church holidays.

8. Princess Grace's Rosary

Monaco Attractions: Top 20

Princess Grace Rose Garden – a magnificent rose garden

What to visit in Monaco? Of course, the exhibition, opened in June 1984, in honor of the princess. This is an area of ​​3300 m², completely planted with rose bushes, of which there are about 4 thousand. The total number of plants in the garden is almost 14 thousand pieces. The rose garden is still replenished with new varieties, and they are named after the inhabitants of the princely house. Grace Kelly was remembered for her love of flowers, in the hotels where she temporarily stayed, there were always luxurious bouquets. On the day of Grace's wedding to the Prince of Monaco, she received a personalized rose, bred by the Meillan flower house. It was a pink double flower with a captivating scent.

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9. Prince's Palace< /h3>

Monaco Attractions: Top 20

Prince's Palace at night

When exploring the main attractions of the country, do not deprive the attention of the official residence of its rulers. This place with an interesting history cannot but amaze with the grandeur of its appearance; it is located in the already mentioned area of ​​Monaco-Ville. It is interesting to know if a flag flutters over the roof of a large public building, which means that the prince is within his chambers. A feature of the palace is the presence inside it of the Italian gallery, the hall in which the throne stands, the Salon of Louis XV and Mazarin. In summer, concerts are often held in the courtyard. The palace is not fully open to tourists, in the southwest wing there are Grimaldi's chambers.

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10. Monte Carlo Casino

Monaco Attractions: Top 20

Casino Monte Carlo – the oldest gambling establishment in Europe

Interesting places in Monaco are not limited to gardens and cathedrals. Casinos are the hallmark of the country, and Monte Carlo is one of the most respectable gambling houses in the world. It appeared after Prince Charles III sold 2 cities to Napoleon III. He decided to spend the proceeds on the creation of an aristocratic resort. A French financier was asked to open a casino in Monaco, which resulted in a very beautiful building. Before lunch, you can visit it like a regular museum, just buy a ticket to enter, dress code is not required. By the way, only guests of Monaco have the right to play in the casino, citizens are prohibited from doing so.

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11 Monte Carlo Opera House

Monaco Attractions: Top 20

Entrance to the Monte Carlo Opera House

Guides in Monaco often offer tourists to visit the theater, which is part of the casino described above. The fact is that in the early 1870s there was no cultural life in the country as such, so it was decided to include a concert hall in the project. Its grand opening took place in 1879, and the name is given in honor of the architect Charles Garnier. The total duration of construction was 8.5 months, the theater was designed for 524 people. There is a Parisian influence in its style, decorations, and complex façade. Many artists had to work on the decoration.

12. Port Hercule

Monaco Attractions: Top 20

Top view of Port Hercule

Continuing the theme of what to see in Monaco, I would like to focus on one of the country's two seaports. This place is deservedly considered luxurious, modern. The work of the enterprise is organized so competently that it literally “attracts” a huge number of wealthy people. They entrust their luxury yachts. To date, Port Hercule is a mooring place for about 700 impeccable ships. Free space on the water is very well equipped, flora and fauna do not suffer. Plus, the port offers a magnificent view of the city of Monte Carlo.

13. Park and Casino Square

Monaco Attractions: Top 20

Beautiful French park and fountains in front of the Casino (Casino Square)

Where to go in Monaco? The platform located opposite the world-famous gambling house deserves attention. In general, this part of the city is considered to be a carriageway, but due to the large concentrations of pedestrians, one gets the impression of a mixed mode of transportation. Not far from the casino there is a park, in the whole city this is probably the most horizontal area, but with a strong slope. On its territory there is a whole cascade of fountains, they are all clean and well-groomed. Of the trees, palms are mainly observed. Reviews about this place are only positive, because it really deserves attention.

14. Fort Antoine

Monaco Attractions: Top 20

Ancient walls of Fort Antoine

Where else to go in Monaco? An excellent place is a separate fortification in the system of fortifications, which is now used as a theater. The fort was built in the 18th century, decorated in a military style. Of particular interest is the corner tower, because it gives this place an atmosphere. A pyramid of cannonballs rises in the center of the fort. It was destroyed in 1944, but the historical monument was quickly restored.

15. Church of St. Devote

Monaco Attractions: Top 20

Facade of Saint Devote's Church

What to see in Monaco? A sacred place for any Monegasque is the chapel erected at one time in the small Gomat valley. It was dedicated to the princely family and the Holy Protector of the entire Principality of Monaco. According to legend, it was in this place that the body of the patroness was thrown out by sea waters. At the beginning of the 20th century, a tradition was created every year on January 26 at the entrance to burn a fishing boat, which is done symbolically. At the end of the wedding ceremony, each new princess brings her bouquet to this landmark of Monaco.

Sights of Monaco: what else to visit in Monaco?

Your trip to this small state will definitely be remembered. Knowing what to see in Monaco, you will definitely not leave without attention all the most interesting things. Recommendations to tourists say that there are still places worth spending time to get to know.

16. Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Monaco Attractions: Top 20

Spectacular sea views and Monaco Oceanographic Museum

It is the most famous in the country, which is not surprising, and Prince Albert I once became its founder. The review says that the institute and the museum successfully “coexist” in the building, standing on the sea coast, on a sheer cliff. A feature of this place is the presence of a huge aquarium, which occupies most of the basement. If it seems to you that there is nothing left to see in Monaco, take a look at the Oceanographic Museum. Its expositions are represented by a wide variety of marine-themed items.

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17. Monte-Carlo Country Club

Monaco Attractions: Top 20

Professional Tennis Tournament at Ghaly Monte-Carlo Country Club

What to visit in Monaco for the purpose of entertainment? This is a unique place, entirely dedicated to achieving high results. Here tourists are offered tennis courts with a magnificent view of the sea, they are open all year round. To describe the Country Club more precisely, I would like to say that it accommodates 21 clay courts with a beautiful view of the sea coast, 2 hard courts and the same number for squash. From entertainment, tourists are offered individual/collective courses, various competitions among juniors and adults, as well as tournaments are organized.

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18. Cafe de Paris

Monaco Attractions: Top 20

View from the Place du Casino to the café de Paris tiger rus

Another attraction of Monaco is located in the busiest place in Monte Carlo, namely the famous Casino Square. The cafe is very popular among tourists, because in it you can see live wax figures of autochthonous subjects of the Principality. What to visit in Monaco, namely in the cafe de Paris? Here, in addition to the main hall, there is a brasserie (an elongated hall decorated with stained-glass windows in the Belle Epoque style) and several terraces. The cuisine in this establishment is not only of high quality, but also varied, the chef manages to create the most original dishes with an unforgettable taste. The café also included a shop with seafood.

19. Chapel of Divine Mercy

Monaco Attractions: Top 20

Baroque Chapel of Mercy (left) M.Strīķis

Thinking of what to see in Monaco from the old? Pay attention to the Chapelle de la Misericord, a small building with icons built in 1639, it is decorated in the Baroque style. During the French Revolution, it suffered serious damage, but after a while the chapel was restored. The front part was supplemented with pilasters, capitals, mosaic paintings. The main value of this attraction of Monaco is the sculpture of Christ made of wood, made by the personal sculptor of Emperor Napoleon I. Of particular value are the donations of parishioners, gifts of those who repent.

20. La Mayenne Corniche

Monaco Attractions: Top 20

The highway goes along the sea, climbing in a serpentine into the mountains of Valdiney Pimenta

Another attraction of Monaco is the highway connecting the small state with the unofficial capital of the French Riviera, Nice. The uniqueness of the highway is that it runs along the sea coast, attention, at an altitude of 200 m above sea level. Just imagine what a person feels when he is in these parts. Indeed, what is worth seeing in Monaco is the village of Eze, located on a cliff near a medieval castle. This place attracts with a panorama from the mountain to the famous resort of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.

Sights in Monaco cannot but rejoice with their magnificence. Although the country is small, it can surprise. There are hotels in Monaco for every taste and budget, there will be no problems with the choice, the main thing is to plan everything in advance. There are many special services with which you can book a room.

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