Misfortune never comes alone. Tornado and hurricane hit Crimea

A new scourge hits the region

Trouble does not come alone. A tornado and a hurricane hit Crimea

< i> The trouble does not come alone. A tornado and a hurricane hit Crimea

A hurricane and a tornado hit the Saki region of Crimea, where quite recently there were explosions at a military base, after which many tourists left.

Saki district is a favorite vacation spot, where there are many attractions for tourists. However, two weeks ago, vacationers began to leave en masse from there, because. powerful explosions occurred at a military base near Novofedorovka.

Now a new misfortune has struck the region: a tornado and a hurricane. Residents of the village of Novoozernoye in the Saki district filmed footage of a terrible wind spiral, which swept summer cottages, a local oyster farm and several cars in a few seconds.

Most people took refuge in their houses, but some daredevils went out to meet the elements and filmed a tornado on video.

Fortunately, as reported by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Crimea, there were no victims as a result of the rampant elements. But Crimeans are warned that the danger remains. A storm warning is in effect in the coming days.

For details and photos, see Yandex.Zen


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