MIR cards may be launched in Thailand in 2-3 months

Thailand will be able to implement the possibility of using MIR cards no earlier than in 2-3 months.

MIR cards can be launched in Thailand in 2-3 months

The Mir card has been underway in Thailand for three months now. This question is new for banks, as this card has never been mentioned before in any international payment processes. Now we need to develop a new banking product that did not exist before “,” Interfax reports the words of the statement of the executive director for Europe, Africa and the Middle East of the country's Tourism Authority (TAT) Titiporn Manenate.

It is expected that most likely it will be possible to withdraw money from the cards of the MIR payment system at the terminals of the Siam Commercial Bank (SCB). However, it is possible that other banks in the country will also be able to join it.

Titiporn Manenate added that at present, Russian citizens can freely purchase the local currency baht for rubles at exchange points.


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