Malaysia expects to receive 80,000 tourists from Russia in 2023

This year, Malaysia has set itself the task of accepting 80,000 Russian travelers.

In 2023, Malaysia expects to receive 80,000 tourists from Russia

RF Jeffrey Bin Munira, initially the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Malaysia set the task of accepting 28 thousand Russian tourists in 2023, however, in the first two months of this year, 27 thousand travelers from Russia visited the country.

In this regard the indicator was revised and the task was set to accept 80 thousand Russians. It is clarified that the figure can be changed.

At the moment, the share of Russian tourists is small, it is about 1%. A number of measures are being taken to increase the number of Russians coming to Malaysia. “Today, we can definitely talk about five joint advertising campaigns with local representatives, these campaigns will be held in Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Siberia”, said Jeffrey Bean Munir.


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