Lego leaves Russia completely

The Danish manufacturer Lego completely stops working in Russia, Kommersant writes.

Lego completely leaves Russia

Lego completely leaves Russia< /p>

The company is also cutting ties with Inventive Retail Group, which operates the brand's stores in the country. This was reported by Inc. referring to the CEO of the Russian division of Lego Evgeny Chikhachev and an unnamed source in the company. “Given the ongoing significant disruption to the operating environment, we have made the decision to cease operations in Russia indefinitely. This includes the termination of most of our Moscow team and our partnership with Inventive Retail Group»,— Mr. Chikhachev told the publication. He added that the company has already laid off 70 employees. Interviewed Inc. experts said that Lego products imported through parallel imports can be sold in the same stores. At the same time, store owners will not be able to use the company's trademarks. In Russia, Lego had 81 stores. The company suspended deliveries to the country on March 3 due to Russia's military operation in Ukraine. In June, it became known that the World of Cubes stores, which are managed by Inventive Retail Group, began to close due to a lack of goods in warehouses. On July 4, the Ministry of Finance added Lego constructors to the list of goods whose import is allowed under parallel import.


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