Koh Samui in June: a trip to the tropics

A huge number of people in the summer dream of escaping from the dusty city and escaping to the azure coast, where you can relax in the shade of palm trees, wander barefoot on the warm sand and swim in the clear, calm sea. Many realize this dream on Koh Samui, the second largest island in Thailand.

Summer in the Kingdom is considered not the most popular time for holidays, as the rainy season begins here. However, it should be noted that in different regions of the country, the intensity and frequency of precipitation is different. So, on Koh Samui the season of the heaviest showers lasts from October to December. But from June to August, there is slight precipitation, which is unlikely to spoil a beach holiday. Kidpassage will tell you more about the June vacation. 

Koh Samui in June: trip to the tropics

Holidays on Koh Samui in June: advantages and disadvantages of the resort

Tourists often hear that it rains around the clock on the island in summer, but this information not entirely true. Numerous reviews about a holiday on Koh Samui in June only confirm that it doesn’t pour like a bucket here at all, but even vice versa — the weather is quite tolerable. And this is where the benefits of the June holiday are just beginning. Here are some other proscalled by seasoned travelers: 

  • Since summer is considered the low season, there are few people on the island.
  • Most tourist services are falling in price.
  • Although the air temperature exceeds +30 °C, there is no sweltering heat on Koh Samui. Weather conditions allow you to fully enjoy the sightseeing and beach holidays.
  • The humidity level drops, and there is no longer a sauna effect outside.
  • The water temperature in the Gulf of Thailand is optimal for bathing even the smallest visitors to Koh Samui.
  • Summer is the season of fruits in almost all corners of the globe, and even more so in the land of eternal summer. Local stalls are literally littered with useful gifts of nature.

Of course, Koh Samui in June — it's not just one big barrel of honey. The resort also has its downsides. Most often tourists mention the following cons:

  • Minor storms are possible at sea. In addition, low tides are pronounced here in summer, during which water moves away from the coast by a hundred or more meters.
  • There are a lot of annoying insects in the resort, especially where there are parks or other green areas nearby. Do not forget repellents and fumigators.
  • Although there is not much rain, they still water Koh Samui from time to time. If you don't want to sit in your room in the evenings due to bad weather, then take a raincoat with you (a regular umbrella is unlikely to cope with a tropical downpour).

The local weather is quite deceptive. It is very easy to get sunburned even on cloudy days, so be sure to use sunscreen every time you go outside.

Weather on Koh Samui in June

Weather on Koh Samui in June — July is quite pleasant for walks and beach relaxation. Tropical rains bring a little coolness, and the proximity of the sea, light breezes and an abundance of green spaces also play a role. Due to the combination of these factors, heat is much easier to tolerate.

The weather in early June is hot and rainy. It is in the first decade of the month that the greatest amount of precipitation occurs. However, sunny days already prevail over cloudy ones, which cannot but please visitors.

If daytime extremes test vacationers for strength in May, then the temperature on Koh Samui in mid-June is already becoming gentle. In addition, the humidity level is significantly reduced.

The weather on Koh Samui at the end of June is still a little different from other regions. Nothing on the island reminds of the rainy season — showers usually occur at night and last no longer than 15-30 minutes. The hot morning sun in a couple of hours eliminates all the consequences of bad weather, so much so that not the slightest trace of it remains.

Air and water temperature

It is the tropical climate that is the cause of high humidity and year-round positive air temperature. Summer is considered a rainy season, but in fact, precipitation falls here and at other times of the year, just in much smaller quantities. In particular, on Koh Samui, the peak of bad weather occurs in May and the autumn months, in June there are only short-term night rains on the island.

Air temperature on Koh Samui in June

Average day and night temperatures on Koh Samui in June is +32.4 °C and +29.1 °C respectively. At night, the mercury column does not rise above +29°30°C, so warm clothes are completely unnecessary at the resort.

Water temperature in the sea

The water temperature of the Gulf of Thailand is very pleasant for swimming. In the first half of June, the water warms up to +30°32°C (“fresh milk”!), and at the end of the month the water temperature reaches +29°30°C.


In total, 8 rainy days are expected for the whole of June. In the first month of summer, about 98.9 mm of precipitation falls. As we mentioned above, rains do not cause much discomfort to visitors, some guests of Koh Samui never experience bad weather at all during their entire vacation.

Sunny, cloudy, cloudy days

The average number of sunny days is 53% (16 days). Often there is also cloudy weather, occupying 40%. Overcast days make up the remaining 7%.

Beach break

Koh Samui in June: a trip to the tropics

Koh Samui guarantees its guests an excellent beach holiday. Nature seems to have specially created the local coast for beach relaxation, and the island authorities have perfectly equipped it for even greater comfort for tourists.


The most popular and therefore the most crowded beach of Koh Samui — 6 km Chaweng. Both lovers of noisy parties and family tourists come here to relax. All entertainment marked 18+ (bars and discos) are located in the central part of Chaweng. In the north it is more calm, it is here that tourists with children are recommended to come. In addition, in the northern part of the coast, the sea and sand are cleaner, there are good conditions for diving and snorkeling.

As for the infrastructure, it is well developed. There are sun loungers and umbrellas, but changing cabins are not provided. The fact is that near “Chaweng” there are a large number of hotels, so people mostly change in their rooms and come here already in beach clothes.


A quiet and cozy corner of the coast fascinates with its natural splendor. The purest blue water is in contact with the snow-white strip of the coast, and green palm trees fence off this place from the city streets — this is the picture most often depicted on the covers of travel booklets.

The entrance to the water is smooth and gentle, there are no annoying merchants, there are also few visitors, which is why “Maenam” great for family holidays. True, there are no entertainments on the beach and the infrastructure is practically not developed. However, many tourists sacrifice their comfort in order to enjoy peace and solitude.


This beach is considered the second most popular after Chaweng. An abundance of entertainment, gazebos for massages and spa treatments, cafes and bars, souvenir shops — this and much more visitors will find on the beach. In addition, all the attributes necessary for a comfortable stay are also available here. Renting umbrellas and sun loungers is paid.

Swimming is not safe throughout the territory. It is better to enter the water only in the center, since large stones and coral remnants are often found along the edges at the bottom, it is quite easy to cut or injure your legs.

All beaches of Koh Samui are municipal, admission is free . A fee is charged for the use of sunbeds and deck chairs, and then most often only in areas that belong to hotels.

Sightseeing holidays on Koh Samui

Foreign guests of the island are not limited to spending time on the beach. Sitting in a hotel here is simply impossible — local exotic attracts tourists like a magnet. Literally around every corner you will find some interesting location or local attraction.

Magic Buddha Garden

Koh Samui in June: a trip to the tropics

< p>Koh Samui is surrounded by greenery; the island has a myriad of squares, parks and green recreation areas. In addition, there are many attractions related to Buddhism. In the Magic Garden of the Buddha, both are harmoniously intertwined. The incredible garden was created by Thai farmer Nim Thongsuk.

The farmer's house stood on the peak of Khao Yai and was surrounded by a small forest, which the religious Thai turned into a unique place. Thongsuk installed a huge number of different sculptures. Statues of Buddha and other deities, as well as spirits and cute little animals, are constantly encountered by tourists on the way while walking through the garden. A calm, peaceful atmosphere reigns here, this place — a true paradise for meditation lovers. In the Magical Garden, you can hide from the heat, which often happens in early June.

Big Buddha

Koh Samui in June: a trip to the tropics

Since the locals preach Buddhism and are quite religious, there are many temples and statues of the Buddha on the island. The most famous attraction of this nature — A 12-meter gilded statue of Big Buddha, installed on Phan Island.

Big Buddha appeared here in 1972 and immediately became a kind of symbol of Koh Samui. The deity sits in the lotus position.

To get to the monument, you need to overcome the stairs of 60 steps. At the end of June, the weather makes it possible to make this ascent. Nearby there is a Buddhist temple and a small souvenir market.

Wat Plai Laem Temple

Koh Samui in June: a trip to the tropics

Another great place to explore Buddhism — Temple Wat Plai Laem, located in the north of the island. The bright colorful building was built in 2004 with donations from the Thais. The architects used not only traditional Thai, but also Vietnamese and Japanese styles. That is why the temple turned out to be so remarkable and unusual.

The temple complex has 14 mythological sculptures, a chapel, urns with the ashes of famous people and other interesting things. Wat Plai Laem stands on a small piece of land in the middle of an artificial lake where you can swim on a catamaran. While visiting the temple, don't forget to make a wish and rub Hotei Buddha's belly 300 times: they say it will come true.

  • Things to do with kids on Koh Samui
  • < /ul>

    Those who come to Koh Samui with children should definitely visit these places:

    • Pink Elephant Water Park
    • Namuang Safari Park
    • Samui Aquarium & Tiger Zoo
    • crocodile and snake farm

    Holidays, events, festivals

    There are no big official and religious holidays on Koh Samui in June. However, an atmosphere of fun reigns here all year round, open-air discos do not stop until the morning. You certainly won't be bored on the island. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the poster of events before the trip, as small festivals and competitions are possible.

    Rest prices in June

    In summer, tourists are attracted to the island not only by the local climate, but also by prices on Koh Samui in June. Information about the rainy season that covers Thailand during this period is alarming for tourists, not everyone decides to spend their June vacation here. To attract foreigners, a very attractive price is set for tourist services.

    Price of tours

    In the first month of summer, prices for tours are approximately 3–7% lower than in May. Tours are cheaper by 11% in July.


    Beginning of summer — the best time to buy tickets. In June, airlines reduce the cost of their services by 2%. In the middle of summer, passengers pay 8% more for a trip to Koh Samui.


    In June, the average price for a hotel room is about 138 euros. In July, this figure will be 5% higher.

    • Directory of the best Samui hotels for children

    Meals and transfers

    Koh Samui in June: a trip to the tropics

    There are legends about Thai cuisine, so it would be a shame to come to the island and not taste the local delicacies. However, if you do not like experiments, then you can safely eat in establishments with a European menu.

    As for the pricing policy, budget lunches are available in cafes for local residents. Such catering establishments are located far from the coast, that is, you will not see the sea from the terrace. Lunch here will cost about 50 TNV. But you can have a hearty meal in a restaurant for 200–250 TNV.

    The public transport system of Koh Samui is represented only by songteo — small pickup trucks with wooden benches instead of passenger seats. The minimum cost of the trip — 20 TNV, the final price depends on the distance.

    Taxi — comfortable, but not cheap way to travel. One trip will cost you about 200 TNV. For the same amount, you can rent a scooter and ride it around the island for a whole day.

    How to dress on Koh Samui

    Warm clothes for the June trip will definitely be superfluous in your suitcase. On Koh Samui, even in the evenings, you don’t want to put on a sweater, on the contrary — all the time there is a desire to remain in light clothes. First of all, put your swimsuit, pareo, headdress and flip flops in your bag, because these are the things you will wear most often. In general, vacationers make do with T-shirts and T-shirts, shorts and light sundresses for the entire vacation.

    Recommendations for families with children

    June can be called a good time to visit Koh Samui. Heavy rains and aggressive sun obviously will not spoil your holiday. A significant plus of June is also that due to a slight temperature difference in the summer in Thailand and the countries of our tourists, acclimatization is easier and faster.

    In summer, children have access to the full range of local entertainment : from building sand castles and swimming in a warm bay to visiting local attractions and visiting educational excursions.

    Every tourist wants to please relatives and friends with a memorable present, but they simply scatter from the abundance of goods eyes. In order not to get confused by the rich assortment, decide on purchases in advance. This Kid Passage article “The Best Souvenirs and Gifts from Thailand” will help you with this.

    Do not believe the scary stories associated with the summer bad weather on Koh Samui, because in fact these stories are greatly exaggerated. And to finally dispel all doubts, go to the island. Here you will see for yourself that a vacation can be first-class even in the rainy season.


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