Kazan in March: spring in the capital of Tatarstan

It is not necessary to visit far abroad countries to get a lot of new impressions and have a great rest. Sometimes the amazing is just around the corner, such as the unique Russian city of Kazan. It is unlike any other, because Islam and Orthodoxy, Tatar and Russian cultures are harmoniously intertwined here.

Kazan has more than a thousand years, during which time the city has managed to acquire an interesting history and a large number of attractions. However, modern trends are not alien to the city either: European coffee houses operate everywhere, futuristic skyscrapers grow, and buses of the latest models run along the roads. No wonder more than a million tourists come here every year – Kazan attracts tourists like a magnet.

When is the best time to visit the capital of Tatarstan? There is no clear answer to this question – Kazan is ready to receive guests all year round. Those who want to visit Kazan in early spring should first read the Kidpassage article about a March holiday in this city.

Kazan in March: spring in the capital of Tatarstan

Rest in Kazan in March: pros and cons

Surely many people are looking forward to the arrival of spring – the time when nature begins to wake up after a long cold winter. Not only nature wants to throw off the sleepy snow fetters – people also tend to get out of their houses on the streets as soon as possible, breathe in the fresh smell of spring and get drunk on vitamin D. At this time, more than ever, you want new experiences, so why not go to Kazan for them?

Reviews about holidays in Kazan in March are mostly positive, which is not at all surprising, given all the advantages of the capital of Tatarstan. The main plusesof the March trip are:

  • City views. In early March, vacationers can enjoy incredibly beautiful panoramas of the snow-covered city.
  • The cost of the holiday. March – not the most expensive month for a holiday in Kazan.
  • An opportunity to plunge headlong into the bright celebrations of Maslenitsa and March 8.
  • Weather. Due to the temperate continental climate, at the end of the month the city becomes noticeably warmer, the snow gradually melts.

As for the disadvantages, then, paradoxically, Kazan in March upsets tourists also mainly due to the weather. Spring – the most capricious time of the year, when both thaws and severe frosts are possible. However, even if your vacation fell on adverse weather conditions, do not despair. The key to a great vacation lies not at all in the thermometer marks and weather forecasts, but in a positive attitude and good company.

The weather in Kazan in March

The weather in Kazan in March – April still does not allow tourists and locals to dress in T-shirts and shorts. Spring in the region is quite cool, the high humidity and winds from the Volga increase discomfort.

The weather in early March is wintery, the streets are often covered with a dense layer of snow. For a holiday in the first days of the month, you definitely need warm clothes for all family members, since you can’t count on a thaw during this period.

With every spring day, the weather in the capital of Tatarstan is becoming milder and warmer. So, if in early March the thermometer drops to & minus 6 ° C, then the temperature in Kazan in mid-March rarely drops below zero.

The weather in Kazan at the end of March often pleases with warm sunny days. So far, long walks along the streets remain inaccessible, because even if the temperature allows, then puddles of melt water and possible icy conditions clearly do not add charm to exercise.

Air and water temperature

Kazan reigns temperate continental climate with long cold winters. Despite the calendar arrival of spring, March remains as frosty as the winter months. At least, low temperatures are certainly characteristic of the first decade of March.

Air temperature in Kazan in March

The average day and night air temperatures in the third capital of Russia are −2.4°C and −7.0°C, respectively. However, it is worth noting that at the end of the month you can see indicators with a plus sign on the thermometer.


March is not a record holder for precipitation in Kazan. For the whole month, only 1 rainy and 2 snowy days are expected. The average rainfall in March, – 40.8 mm.

Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

Early spring does not indulge vacationers and local residents with bright rays – in March there are about 2 sunny days (6% of the time of the whole month). Cloudy days occupy 13%, cloudy – 81%.

Sightseeing holidays in Kazan

Kazan in March: spring in the capital of Tatarstan

Kazan would not have become one of the main tourist centers of the country if it had not had such an impressive number of attractions. A mixture of architectural styles, Islamic mosques and Orthodox churches, unusual monuments and sculptures, quiet Sviyazhsk Islandand noisy polyphonic Bauman Street, nicknamed Kazan Arbat, – one vacation is clearly not enough for a close acquaintance with Kazan. What is the first thing to see in the city? How not to get lost in the variety of attractions?

In early March, when weather conditions still do not allow for long walks, pay attention to local museums, religious buildings, theaters. So, parents can give children a ticket to the world of their childhood: visit an unusual museum, which is called – “Museum of Happy Childhood”. Tourists will find an original exposition of Soviet primers, briefcases, old books, drums and bugles. People whose childhood fell on the 70s & 80s will definitely feel warm in their chests from nostalgia, and modern children will see what the childhood of their parents and grandparents was like.

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You should definitely visit the modern landmark of Kazan – Temple of all religions. This building has an architectural, not a religious value; sacred services are not held here. The architect's idea was to combine Orthodox and Catholic churches, a Jewish synagogue, a Muslim mosque, a Chinese pagoda, Buddhist religious temples and so on in one project. Temple of all religions – this is a real curiosity and a masterpiece of architectural art, which has no analogues in the whole world.

The visiting card of the city is Kazan Kremlin– an architectural complex of impressive size, including several individual attractions (the leaning Syuyumbike tower, the Kul-Sharif mosque, the Governor's Palace, the Museum of Islam, etc.). It is recommended to allocate a whole day for visiting the Kazan Kremlin.

At the end of March, when the thermometer will show marks with a plus sign, it is pleasant to walk along the legendary Bauman Street. A lot of interesting things await you on the oldest street of the city: monument to Chaliapin and Kazan Cat, ancient buildings and souvenir shops, authentic Tatar cafes and modern restaurants with European cuisine. Bauman – a suitable place to take a walk and breathe in the spring air, get to know the city, have a delicious lunch and buy souvenirs for family and friends.

Kazan – a real paradise for children, the city has an incredible number of entertainment locations for both kids and teenagers. Here are just a few interesting places for family holidays:

  • Ekiyat Puppet Theater
  • Giant's House
  • zoo
  • amusement park “Kyrlai”
  • city of professions “KidSpace”
  • Museum of Electricity of Nikola Tesla
  • Wax Museum

Holidays, events, festivals

Kazan in March: spring in the capital of Tatarstan

Holidays in Kazan in March – these are traditional Shrovetideand March 8. If you are lucky enough to come during the celebration of the meeting of spring, then noisy folk festivals with traditional Russian songs and dances, round dances and games await you. At the end of the holiday, an effigy of winter is burned and pancakes are celebrated. As a rule, all the main festivities take place on the island of Sviyazhsk.

Concert halls and clubs host a number of interesting events dedicated to International Women's Day. Tickets for a concert or theater will be a great gift for beautiful ladies. You can find the schedule of festive events on the website of the city poster.

Prices for holidays in March

Prices in Kazan in March – another weighty argument in favor of spring holidays in the third capital of Russia. The New Year's excitement with its high cost is left behind, there are still a few months before the summer influx of holidaymakers, so travel services in early spring are quite inexpensive. A March holiday in Kazan will not cause significant damage to the budget, but it will give a lot of pleasant impressions.

Price of tours

Tour operators give their clients a wonderful gift in March in the form of low prices for holidays in Kazan. In the last month of winter, tours are 16% more expensive than in March. In April, tours are 31% more expensive than in March.


In March, passengers can save some money on flights. At the beginning of spring, ticket prices are reduced by 10% compared to February prices. In April, air carriers raise prices by an average of 10–15%.


March – quite an expensive month in terms of staying in local hotels. In February, room rates are 41% lower than in the first month of spring. In April, prices are reduced by 30%. So, the average daily cost of living in February is 31 euros, in March – 44 euros, and in April – 34 euros

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Meals and transfers

Kazan in March: spring in the capital of Tatarstan

The formation of the traditional cuisine of Kazan was influenced not only by Russian, but also by Turkic culture, so tourists have a great opportunity to expand their knowledge of gastronomy through personal experience . Particular attention should be paid to Tatar pastries and thick, rich soups.

As in any other tourist city, Kazan has no shortage of catering establishments. Those who want to dine in style at one of the local restaurants should prepare for a check from 500 & ndash; 900 rubles. A little cheaper will cost lunch in a cafe – about 350 rubles. There are also budget canteens in the city where you can get a hearty meal for only 100-200 rubles.

In addition, do not forget about street food, besides, in Kazan you can find quite unusual fast food. Be sure to try echpochmak (triangular pies with different fillings) and balesh (potato pie with beef).

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In the third capital of Russia, there are no problems with public transport; you can move around the city by buses, trolleybuses, metro. Traveling by public transport is not only convenient, but also economical, because the fare is quite affordable and certainly lower than in taxi services. As for the latter, there are more than three dozen taxi companies operating in the city, the fare starts from 100 rubles (there is a detailed price list on the companies' websites).

The metro has ramps for people with disabilities and mothers with strollers. Stations are announced in two languages ​​– Russian and Tatar. You can purchase a smart card for all types of public transport. For convenience, you can rent a car, but this is not a cheap pleasure. You will have to pay extra for parking.

Double-decker tourist buses run around the city, which are very convenient to get acquainted with the sights. Passengers are provided with an audio guide, excursions are presented in eight languages. The cost of the trip is about 1000 rubles (24 hours per adult).

How to dress in Kazan

Although spring is on the calendar, it is worth taking winter things with you on a trip. And if in the last days of the month you can get by with an insulated coat, then in early March you definitely cannot do without a warm down jacket, knitted sweaters and thermal underwear. Hats, scarves and gloves – must-have accessories for a March holiday in Kazan.

Particular attention should be paid to shoes – it should be waterproof, as there is a high probability of thaws in spring. And of course, you should choose warm, durable and comfortable boots. You will have to walk around the city a lot, so it's better to spare your legs and leave high-heeled boots at home.

To keep your nights comfortable and filled with sweet dreams, rather than trying to keep warm, put warm pajamas and socks in your suitcase. As a rule, hotel rooms are still heated, but it’s better to play it safe and stock up on cozy clothes for sleeping in advance.

Recommendations for families with children

Kazan in March: spring in the capital of Tatarstan

Parents of infants may not like the March vacation in Kazan because of the need to spend a lot of time in warm rooms. In addition, strolls with a stroller are not very convenient – snow begins to melt in March, sleet and puddles are possible on the streets.

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But with older children, a trip to Kazan will be a real exciting adventure. The city has many locations for active recreation, which will be appreciated by children of all ages. Parents, on the other hand, will be pleased with the opportunity to feed their child with new knowledge gained on excursions to historical places of Kazan and local museums.

With the right organization and a positive attitude, even a slushy and dank March will seem like a great time to travel to Kazan. Reduce the time spent outside when the thermometer is below zero, periodically go to a cafe to warm up with warm tea, use a protective cream and hygienic lipstick, choose tourist buses for long excursions, rather than public transport.

< p>To get even more inspired by the charming atmosphere of the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, we advise you to read Kidpassage's article “10 interesting facts about Kazan”. Kazan – a magical multifaceted city that will definitely give its guests an unforgettable experience. Hurry up and book tickets for March to see all the delights of this ancient Russian city with your own eyes!


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