Kazan hosted the IX ATSS Conference: Challenges and Development Strategies

From October 12-14, 2022, the regular reporting and election IX Conference of ATSS Participants and Partners was held in Kazan, organized by TCH as the Executive Body of the Air Transport Settlement System.

IX ATSS Conference took place in Kazan: challenges and development strategies

More than 80 participants and guests took part in the Conference: leading airlines and agencies for the sale of transportation and services, ARS, additional service providers, representatives of the AEVT, airports and industry media. For the first time in the history of the Conference, a video broadcast with the possibility of online voting was organized for participants who could not come to Kazan.

Chairman of the ACCS Kuzma Glebovich Mikhailov in his speech spoke about the results of the work of the Supervisory Board for the reporting period 2019-2022 gg. and directions of development of the System in the next 2-3 years.

In addition to the ACCS Chairperson, Vice-President – Director for External Relations Andrey Larchenko and Vice-President – Commercial Director Tatiana Merkulova spoke at the Conference on behalf of the TCH. In their speeches, the speakers spoke about the dynamics of the development of the transport industry and aviation services. Thus, since 2019, the volume of additional services purchased by passengers on flights online has increased significantly (slightly less than 50%). The project of regional aviation hubs M2 continues its development, which currently involves 24 airlines, 15 hub airports and more than 600 destinations. In 2023, it is planned to place M2 routes on the websites of air carriers.

View the report on the results of TCH activities and development plans in working with airlines here

Kazan hosted the IX ATSS Conference: Challenges and Development Strategies

Kazan”, companies “Sirena”, “Aerodynamics”, “AVIO-IT”, “NEW STUDIO”, information and analytical agency “AviaPort” on the state and development of the market.

The Conference participants discussed and adopted the main directions for the development of the Settlement System, approved a new version of the ATSS Regulations, the structure and number of members of the ACCS, and also voted for the creation of a working group to create the ACCS Airports Committee.

Among the important achievements since 2019, it should be noted:

  • dynamic growth in the use of the electronic multi-purpose EMD document
  • ATSS: the range of various additional services of airlines has been significantly increased;
  • developed and implemented ATSS EMD exchange technology for airlines' value-added services;
  • development of systems for the sale of transportation and services online;
  • start of preparatory activities to connect accredited agencies to the new Mixwell system;
  • participation in the IATA strategic partnership program and maintaining the status of an IATA Strategic Partner.< /li>
  • confirmation by IATA of the status of ATSS flow, which was also previously authorized by IATA for use in the NDC project in terms of ticketing.

Summing up the activities of ATSS, the ACCS Chairman noted that the System, regardless of any external factors, it continues to develop steadily and dynamically, fulfilling its obligations to participants and partners in full compliance with applicable regulations and contractual terms. The main and priority task of TCH is to work in the interests of the industry and passengers.

In addition to the business program of the Conference, the guests of the Conference were able to enjoy the historical and modern beauties of Kazan, taste the national cuisine of Tatarstan and see the beauties of the museum-reserve “Island-city of Sviyazhsk” .


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