Japan to lift covid restrictions a week early

Japanese authorities decided to lift covid restrictions on April 29, not May 8.

Japan will lift covid restrictions a week early

According to the Telegram channel @ranarod with a link to foreign media, the decision of the authorities is due to the fact that this will help attract tourists to the Golden Week, when the Day of Emperor Hirohito's Birthday (April 29), Constitution Day (May 3), Greenery Day (May 4), and Children's Day (May 5). For the remaining two days, almost everyone gets a day off, so the week becomes completely non-working.

It is clarified that at the current moment, to enter Japan, you must present a negative PCR test result made within 72 hours prior to entry, or a certificate about being vaccinated with at least three doses of a drug approved in Japan. Instead, it is planned to introduce a voluntary testing system for passengers with symptoms of COVID-19 at the five main airports.


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