Intourmarket-2022 exhibition opens tomorrow: key business events

This year, a rich business program of the exhibition awaits visitors: over 60 business sessions are planned at five venues in the Expocentre complex with the participation of more than 200 speakers. Industry professionals will be able not only to discuss exciting problems in close dialogue, but also to find solutions to many pressing issues.

Online broadcast of the business program will be held at the following links: March 12, March 13, March 14

  • Specialized business session “IT technologies in the interregional tourism project “Silver Necklace of Russia”
  • Business Forum: “Tourism, creative codes, creative industries – the best municipal practices in Russia”
  • < li> Seminar “Consequences of the special operation. Life of a travel agent in a new reality”

  • Competition of presentations of regional participants of the PCT “10 minutes of glory”
  • Workshop of the regions participating in the national tourism project “Imperial Route”
  • Plenary session on topical issues of industry development
  • Training seminar for the regions from the National tour operator ALEAN “Discover Russia with ALEAN”. A new look at well-known regions: how to become a sales expert of a regional product
  • Creating “More than a trip”: the experience of implementing the federal program (2021-2024). Formation of new approaches to the creation of cultural and educational tours
  • Presentation of the tourist potential of Primorsky Krai in the format of a presentation with elements of augmented reality
  • Conference “Open Dialogue of PravTourSoyuz”: new trends and problems in 2022″
  • Practical session “Safety of children's tourism: pain points and solutions”
  • Round table on the interregional socio-cultural project “Birch bark letters to the future. XXI Century. The great Russian word of the great Russian writers”
  • Expert round table: “It is necessary to cultivate: educational tourism and cultural development of cities”
  • Dialogue platform “Introduction of sustainable development mechanisms in tourism and hospitality industry”
  • Master session “Formation of demand for a sustainable tourism product. How to promote to be noticed?”
  • Meet-up session “Main trends in modern approaches to the development of tourism in natural areas”
  • Media forum “#It's Time to TravelAcross Russia” at the International Tourism Exhibition “Intourmarket”< /li>
  • Round table “Modern excursion activity: regulatory framework, educational programs, regional practice and prospects for branded routes” branded routes
  • Seminar “Tourism and Law. New legislation in the field of tourism, problems and prospects”
  • Panel discussion “Development of Arctic tourism in single-industry towns on the example of Monchegorsk (Murmansk region)”
  • All-Russian MICE Day
  • Panel discussion “The Far East and the Arctic: New Travel Opportunities. Summer 2022”
  • Presentation “Krasnoyarsk Territory. Everyone should see it!”
  • Presentation “Tourism products of the Baikal region”
  • Round table discussion “Health tourism: birth, sustainability or growth? Current trends and products of Russian health hospitality”
  • Interregional Charity Auction “Tourist Business with an Open Heart” in favor of the Children’s Hospice “House with a Lighthouse”
  • Final of the All-Russian contest “MediaTour”
  • III All-Russian Conference “How to attract celebrities to place branding”
  • Presentation “Open the Free Don! All about hospitality and tourism products of the Rostov region”
  • Conference “From the Black Sea to the White”. Autotourism as a unique tool for the development of territories
  • Training seminar for tourist information centers
  • Workshop of participants and partners of the interregional project “Bright weekend in the Volga region”
  • VII All-Russian Forum “Eventful Russia” as part of the educational forum “It's Time to TravelAcross Russia”
  • Joint event of the Committee for Tourism of Moscow and the Committee for Tourism Development of St. Petersburg “Two cities – a million impressions”
  • Practical session on Internet promotion for tourist information centers, museums, regional tour operators and other market participants
  • Presentation of tourism opportunities in the westernmost region of the country — the Kaliningrad region
  • Session “Developing ethno-tourism – preserving the cultural code of the peoples of Russia”
  • Working meeting on the problems of bus excursion transportation of the PCT Bus Transport Commission
  • Round table “Rural and wine tourism in Russia – new impressions, new opportunities for the development of tourism business and regions”
  • Presentation of the tourism potential Chuvash Republic for the Moscow tourism industry
  • Working meeting of the PCT commission on river cruises “Navigation 2022. Prospects for the development of cruise tourism in the new economic conditions”
  • Meeting of the International Round Table “CIS + WORLD. World of Professionals 2022”
  • Intelligent Travel Marketing Conference – Import Substitution Technologies for Tourism
  • Case session “Educational tourism. Best Practices and Formats of Collaborations”
  • Workshop “Autotourists and tourist routes are the new blood of the revival of villages and historical settlements”

Full program Intourmarket events can be found on the exhibition website


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