Internova Augments Its BookHuman.Travel Site

Internova Augments Its BookHuman.Travel Site

(photo via Internova Travel Group)

Internova Travel Group unveiled an augmented version of its website BookHuman.Travel site, which demonstrates the advantages of booking travel with human travel advisors.

The site, which now includes more content advocating for travel advisors, enables its users to discover upward of 62,000 advisors through their profiles, including information on their backgrounds, travel experiences and more.

“It amazes me how little consumers know about the benefits of using a travel advisor,” said Internova Travel Group Chief Marketing Officer Brent Rivard, adding that the “least important thing a travel advisor does is book your travel.”

“What surrounds the actual booking – the planning, anticipating, troubleshooting, negotiating, resolving, and communicating – is where you will find the real value of an advisor,” he added.

“That’s what we want to feature on BookHuman.Travel, which has evolved to become an advocacy site for our travel advisors.

“Here, they can share their firsthand experiences as well as tell stories of how they’ve helped clients before, during and after their trips.”

The site provides examples that illustrate the ways in which travel advisors can exceed clients’ expectations.

In one example, a client wanted to surprise his wife with a dinner party at a restaurant in Paris for her 65th birthday.

His travel advisor came up with the idea to get a Bustronome double-decker bus, enabling the group to enjoy a gourmet meal while taking in the city’s landmarks at night.

In another example, a family vacationing in Japan had very much hoped to visit one of the last samurai swordsmiths, but the swordsmith had to cancel the appointment.

“After a few anxious days and sleepless nights due to the time difference, my team and I were able to rearrange everything,” the travel advisor said.

The BookHuman.Travel user can find advisors by searching by destination and such special interests as cruises, family travel, honeymoons, LGBT travel, arts and culture and wellness.

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