Incidents with tourists over the weekend

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia informed about the stop on Sunday afternoon in Dombai of the cable car line, at that moment 36 people were riding it

Incidents with tourists over the weekend

Incidents with tourists over the weekend

The EMERCOM of Russia informed about the stop  on Sunday afternoon in Dombay, the cable car line, & nbsp; at that moment there were 36 people on it. Rescuers evacuated all the tourists from the scene, none of them were injured, the reasons for the breakdown are not specified.

In St. Petersburg, according to REN-TV  The 20-year-old, arriving from Komi, seduced a teenager and fell under investigation.

As the TV channel said, the Russian woman first met the young man on social networks, and upon arrival she settled with him in a hostel. In the room, she began to molest the boy and persuade him to have sex.

On February 12, according to RIA Novosti, in Jerusalem, a 35-year-old woman walked in her underwear at the Wailing Wall. A lover of half-naked walks was detained by the police, & nbsp; she is suspected of deliberately insulting a holy place.

Wailing Wall — it is a shrine of Judaism, next to & nbsp; which needs to cover the legs, shoulders, and for men also the head.


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