In winter, the Kuban is waiting for 2.5 million tourists

In the upcoming winter season, Kuban expects to receive about 2.5 million tourists. Governor of the Krasnodar Territory Veniamin Kondratiev spoke about this.

2.5 million tourists await Kuban in winter

< br /> “We expect to receive about 2.5 million tourists in winter. And despite the fact that this year we have abandoned large-scale entertainment events, millions of people will still celebrate the holiday. Buy gifts, visit crowded places. Therefore, the primary task is to ensure anti-terrorist and public security. Police officers will be on duty in shopping centers, squares, parks of cities and villages,” he wrote, adding that more than 9,000 Cossacks will be involved in maintaining public order.

Special attention we will devote to the territories where there are now temporary accommodation centers for residents of the Kherson region. I am sure that thanks to the clear, well-coordinated work of law enforcement officers, heads of departments and regions, the holiday period will pass calmly. I know that many are concerned about the question of whether it will be possible to freely visit temples this year. We spoke with the chief sanitary doctor of the region, Maria Potemkina, and made a decision: all Christmas services will be held as usual and without restrictions. There will be a lot of people, so it is also important to ensure safety in all churches,” Veniamin Kondratiev emphasized.


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