iFly will not fly to Egypt on December 23 and 24

The issue with iFly flights to Egyptian resorts has not yet been resolved: the carrier has canceled all flights in the direction scheduled for December 23 and 24.

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iFly will not fly to Egypt on December 23 and 24

decision by the authorized state authorities of the Russian Federation is being delayed, and/to iFly is forced to cancel flights to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, which were supposed to take place from Moscow on December 23, and from Ufa on December 24. Export flights for tourists staying at Egyptian resorts under the TEZ TOUR line are carried out as usual according to the approved plan. So far, almost 6,000 people have returned to Russia. Information about additional flight options from Egypt in connection with the partial cancellation of the carrier's flight program is expected in the near future“, – the press service of the tour operator TEZ TOUR said.

They also reminded that this week a meeting was held in the Government of the Russian Federation with the participation of the Russian Foreign Ministry on the issue of resuming the flight programs of domestic carriers, the route of which passes through the airspace of Jordan, after which the I Fly airline notified the tour operator of the coordination of the necessary documents with the Federal Air Transport Agency, and also confirmed its intention to continue operating flights to Egypt from December 24 in case of prompt receipt of permission from the Federal Air Transport Agency.

iFly will not fly to Egypt on December 23 and 24


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