iFly canceled flights to Egypt on December 22

iFly failed to resolve the issue with flights to Egypt: the airline's flights to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh were canceled on December 22. The press service of the tour operator TEZ TOUR told TRN about this.

iFly canceled flights to Egypt on December 22

A/k iFly is forced to cancel flights to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, which were supposed to take place on December 22. The carrier notified TEZ TOUR about this today. Export flights for tourists who stay in the resorts of Egypt due to the forced suspension of the flight program in this direction from December 15, are carried out as planned. So far, almost 4,000 people have returned to Russia. In the coming days, the tour operator's clients will be able to fly to Moscow aboard Egypt Air, Red Wings and Corendon. In total, more than 15 flights will be required to return all travelers. Information about additional air travel options from Egypt due to the cancellation of the flight on December 22 is expected soon”, the message says.

It also notes that I Fly continues to apply its maximum efforts to coordinate the necessary documents with the Federal Air Transport Agency in order to continue the flight program to Egypt from December 23.


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