I tell you what benefits German pensioners receive, our old people can only envy this

I'm telling you what benefits German pensioners receive, our old people can only envy this

Having personally visited Germany, I realized that it is not young people or the working class who live there, but pensioners, it is pensioners who receive the most benefits, payments and general support from the German government, and what kind of support are we talking about – today I am going to tell you!

Earlier, I already talked about German pensions, as it turned out – German pensions are not as big as they are drawn to us, the average pension in Germany is about 900 euros, this is not so much for a country where all prices are in euros, but benefits correct the situation.< /blockquote>

Start with something simpler, for example, with free travel on some types of public transport, yes, yes, not just a discount, but completely free travel, but this is nonsense with the following points.

Free medical care!

This is not particularly surprising for a Russian person, by the way, this is one of the cool features of our country, as in most countries of Europe and the USA medicine paid, and very expensive. However, for the German old people it is paid by the state!

It would seem that there is nothing to envy, our pensioners get it for free in the same way, only the level is different, because the conditional German grandfather is treated for free not in the district clinic, but in the same German hospital as the Russian millionaire who flew there for treatment.< /p>

I'll tell you what benefits German pensioners receive, our old people can only envy this

Next, a nice bonus to free healing.

Visits to any health resort once a year at the expense of the state, and as far as I know for three weeks, which is not bad, considering that Germany has very good health resorts.< /p>

Next comes the real juice, the first is the interest-free mortgage

Designed for old people who haven't had a home yet or haven't closed their mortgage since they retired.

Plus, a partial refund of utility bills

If the pension is below the average level of pension in the country, the government partially reimburses expenses for housing and communal services, for example, in the Russian Federation the average pension is 18.5 thousand rubles, if you get less – catch the refund Utilities!

And in my opinion the coolest point is double pension!< /h3>

Accrued to widows and widowers, you additionally receive a part of the pension of the deceased spouse, and not some miserable pennies, but about 50-70 percent of his/her pension!

And this is very correct, because it is the most difficult for single pensioners, in addition to this, I missed such trifles as big discounts in entertainment and cultural institutions , such as cinemas, theaters, museums, and others, reaching up to 50%.

As you can see, it is the elderly in Germany who are the most protected and supported segment of the population, as it should be, of course, support for young parents is well, but to give birth or not – we choose for ourselves, but to grow old or not – you don’t have to choose!

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