I show a photo of what sleeping areas in Germany look like, panel houses and gray courtyards.

Showing a photo of how sleeping areas in Germany look like, panel houses and gray courtyards.

You didn't think that all Germans live in cottages, mansions and villas, do you? Maybe in movies or in stories about fabulous European life… However, the reality is that most Germans live ordinary lives…

And I'm not saying that it's poor, just normal. in ordinary apartments.

It is these ordinary residential areas that I will talk about today, because they surprise Russian emigrants especially strongly.

By their structure, the sleeping areas of German cities do not differ much from the sleeping areas of Russian cities, the same similar panel houses between which huddle yards.

By the way, this does not mean at all that poor people live here, no, German land is very expensive and your own house is a luxury, even apartments cost too much money for Russians (because in euros).

Show photo what sleeping areas in Germany, panel houses and gray courtyards look like.

In fact, the photo above, taken in Munich, is easily confused with a photo from a Russian city, as I said, sleeping areas in our countries are not particularly different except for two differences.

Firstly, Russian yards are more designed for children, there are many slides, sandboxes and other children's entertainment, while the Germans paid more attention to adults, more benches, flower beds, hammocks and other things so that people can relax like in the park. Even in design, courtyards look more like squares and parks, of course there are facilities for children, but not enough.

Yes, yes, I think you already noticed how bikes are just parked in the yard, it looks wild to our eyes.

Showing a photo of how sleeping areas in Germany look like, panel houses and gray yards.

The second main difference is order and cleanliness. And for this, thanks to both the services that clean the streets and yards daily, and the people who do not litter. By the way, order is not only about garbage, there are also no trampled, dirty, clay paths on lawns, cars stuck on the sidewalk, broken benches and trash cans at the entrances.

I would also like to note the well-chosen vegetation of the courtyards, all bushes and trees are well-groomed, trimmed, and not left to chance.

If we discard these two differences, the sleeping areas in Germany and the Russian Federation are really very similar, and the last difference is much more striking than the first.

Order is the main difference, who is responsible for it? Not only the public service, but also the people themselves, someday the Russians will understand this, I hope by that time the public services will change and our yards will become similar to German ones.

What do you think? How do you like German sleeping bags? Write!

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