I asked my grandmother, who sells vegetables on the street, how much she earns from this and where she gets vegetables

I asked my grandmother who sells vegetables on the street how much she earns and where she gets vegetables

Back in mid-September, I could not resist and went up to a granny selling vegetables near the metro, with very immodest questions: is everything your own, how much do you earn and why do you need it, sit here all day?

Granny was at first wary, they say she arranged an interrogation, was it from the police for an hour, so how do you actually sell products like this, not certified – prohibited, only at specialty fairs.

Of course, I immediately reassured her, told her that I needed it for the article, I want to tell people about your hard work, and stuff like that. I stood with her for almost an hour, oh, and they love to talk!

We started with the fact that she was generally pushed into this, as it turned out – it's not only money, as she herself says – " I combine business with pleasure,” instead of cuckooing at home in stuffiness, silence and loneliness – he sits here, breathes air, communicates with fellow gardeners, there are people around, conversations, in other words – life is in full swing!

Well, and some penny also pleases, as Galina Vitalievna says, (this is the name of our heroine).

When asked where she takes vegetables for sale, she replies that she sells only her own, what has grown in the country house, surpluses, part of the crop she keeps for herself , some of it is sent to children, all that remains is sold here, good is not wasted.

However, in secret, she also told me about unscrupulous colleagues who buy blanks in stores like "traffic lights" for a promotion, after which shifting them into your dishes and selling them already under the guise of your own, this story deserves a separate article, I think I’ll definitely tell you one of these days!

Quote: "I am a Soviet person, accustomed to work, I have worked all my life, so now it is morally difficult for me to mess around"

As for the money, it does not bring much, because it does not raise the price so that everything is quickly sorted out, it will be a pity if it deteriorates. Usually 7-10 thousand comes out at the end of summer – the beginning of autumn, so to speak – the peak. It's not much, but it's a good pension increase of 15,000 rubles.

So it turns out the combination is nice useful!

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