I am showing a photo of what Germans usually have for breakfast, what else will Germany surprise us with?

In general, even before the Second World War, the traditional German breakfast was always sweet, yes, nothing edible, most often they had breakfast with buns with various sweet spreads (jam, jam, pasta), the drink was coffee or coffee with milk, the Germans do not understand tea , and still coffee in Germany is much, much more popular than tea, why – I won’t say, because I don’t know myself.

After World War II, the concept of breakfast has changed, it has become more dense, satisfying, what is the reason for this? Perhaps due to the fact that there were many Englishmen, Russians and Americans in Germany, who, in turn, liked to have a hearty breakfast, the native Germans could adopt this feature from them, but this is not important.

Today, the Germans do not eat only sweets for breakfast, they eat hearty, but the main idea has not changed, look at the photo at the very beginning of the article – This is what a German breakfast looks like!

Bread, sandwiches, coffee are the pillars of breakfast!

The locals are huge lovers of everything floury, in the German refrigerator there is not one kind of bread, but in addition different rolls and pretzels, and they have breakfast with fresh rolls made today-yesterday, so the day before yesterday's bread or bun is already considered old.

They eat all this with butter, cheese, sausages and various spreads, from cottage cheese to fruit, the drink is the same – coffee with milk, or just black coffee.

But don't confuse their breakfast with our classic bread and butter, they've elevated it to an art form, almost every German has more than one kind of bread and rolls in the refrigerator, but they have so many different spreads, fillings and additives for sandwiches that they rarely repeat, every morning – a new sandwich.

But to put it bluntly, the Germans have coffee sandwiches for breakfast!

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