How to wear trousers in the off-season: tips

Pants look stylish, sophisticated and sophisticated at the same time. Gradually, strict office models received a simpler cut under the influence of fashion. Select women's trousers here — presents trendy models from Vero Moda, Marc O’Polo, Armani Exchange and other brands. Before that, let's figure out how to wear pants in the winter and in the off-season.

How to wear trousers in the off-season: tips

5 basic types of trousers

The first men's trousers in women's use was introduced by Coco Chanel, who at that time was famous for her audacity. Today, women's wardrobe is no longer imagined without trousers and pants.

Let's analyze the basic models:

  1. Straight classic — must be made of dense fabric and half cover the heel.
  2. With arrows — Can be worn with boots and boots. Main — so that they are perfectly ironed.
  3. Narrowed — not so strict, can be combined with a bright printed top, suitable only for thin girls.
  4. Wide — visually stretch the silhouette, especially in combination with a high fit, there are no restrictions in the images.
  5. Shortened — most often have a straight silhouette, suit everyone, combined with high and low shoes.

Special requirements in wearing only for classic trousers. The rest of the models can be combined with both a strict jacket and a plaid corduroy shirt.

Pants and boots: how to combine them correctly

In fact, all boots in the cold season can be combined with trousers. Some examples of combinations:

  • Mid-calf boots paired with Bermudas, Carrots and Chinos;
  • Jockey boots paired with lightweight tuck-in Bermudas;
  • massive boots or boots are best left for wide trousers, you can — with arrows;
  • skinny goes well with over the knee boots and wide tube boots.

Consider your height. Usually short girls manage to visually stretch the silhouette with heeled boots. The same trick works in combination with a high rise and a slightly loose cut of the legs.

In order not to disturb the harmony of style, do not choose contrasting trousers and shoes. It is better if they are in the same tone or neutral — black pants and milk boots, for example.



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