Hoteliers in Turkey, the UAE and the Maldives told why they value Russian tourists

Hoteliers from Turkey, the UAE and the Maldives told , why Russian tourists are valued

Hoteliers from Turkey, the UAE, the Maldives and Bali told RIA Novosti why Russian tourists are valued and how they are recognized on vacation.
“At the resort “It is easy for the hotel to determine which of the guests is Russian. They prefer clothes from famous brands. Even the beach and pool area turn into an impromptu podium,” says the manager of the METT Hotels & Resorts Bodrum Arslan Colak.
According to him, Russians also order a lot of drinks and invite others to join their company.

“If you hear laughter, music, applause, then they are almost certainly on vacation Russians. Many spend their evenings in karaoke bars,” says the expert. He notes that guests from Russia often look younger than their years.

Russians most often come to Dubai with families and stay for a long time. They are interested in the sea, entertainment and shopping. Moreover, excellent service is important for guests from the Russian Federation, notes Bassem Saudi, head of sales and business development at Caesars Palace Dubai.
The demands of Russians are forcing the tourism industry to improve the quality of services in the UAE, the hotelier believes.
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