Hotel in Germany bans childless people from staying

The construction of a new hotel cost 70 million euros

A hotel in Germany forbade childless people to stay

A hotel in Germany banned childless people from staying

The new luxury hotel The Grand Green has opened near Oberhof in Central Germany.

It is located on border of the federal states of Thuringia and Bavaria. The wooded mountain range of the Thuringian Forest, which is considered a tourist magnet of the region, passes through here. In summer, people come here to walk through the pristine groves, in winter – to ski.

The construction of a new hotel cost 70 million euros. It was built by the Austrian group Familux Resorts. The hotel is designed in an eco-friendly style and is finished with wood from the Thuringian Forest. It will be able to host up to 120,000 guests a year.

But social networks are discussing not so much its merits as the rules of accommodation for tourists. The administration has introduced a strict ban on the accommodation of single guests and even those couples who do not have children. Rooms will only be rented to families with children.

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