He showed the German pensioners photos of Russian summer cottages, which amazed the Germans in our gardening.

Showed German pensioners photos of Russian summer cottages, which impressed the Germans in our gardening.

The Germans have a completely different view of gardening than the Russians, so when I showed them a photo of our suburban areas , the reaction was quite sharp, so I decided to share it with you!

More recently, I wrote about what German dachas look like, they are very different from ours, but they exist, unlike in the USA, where our “mini-farms”, the Americans do not understand at all.

The Germans also turned out to be lovers of gardening, you can read more about German dachas in one of < b>.

In the comments, my readers expressed their opinion about the German dachas, it's time to listen to the opinion of the Germans about ours, there were no difficulties, my friend's parents August and Irma acted as Germans, they also own a small dacha in the community of Hamburg, the photo showed from the Internet, according to request "typical Russian summer cottages".

I chose a few photos, like the one below, the photo was suitable, I think you agree that most of the sites look about the same.

Showed German pensioners photos of Russian summer cottages, which impressed the Germans in our gardening.

The first thing that struck the Germans was the size of the plots, I already said that there are strict rules in the gardening communities of Germany, and one of them is that the maximum size of a plot is only three acres, in our country, on average, plots start from 5-7 acres, which is simply unbelievable for the Germans !

They haven't seen plots in villages yet…

Immediately, they also noticed the size of the houses, since they have rather one-story, glazed, summer verandas, and we, according to them, have full-fledged houses, since almost all of them are two-story and with stoves.

They also noted free-standing baths, not to say that the fact itself surprised them, since the Germans are familiar with the baths, but the fact that they are on almost every site also surprised them a little!

It's funny, but the plantings themselves did not really surprise them, since the Germans also grow vegetables and fruits in the plots, and in the same format of beds and greenhouses.

The only thing is that German dachas have more decorative vegetation, flowers, bushes, lawns, to their question "why", answered that our dacha is not only decorative gardening, but also a source of harvest, and often for more than one family, this answer completely suited them.

Speaking in general, they appreciated our dachas, with the exception of one point that they considered illogical – we are talking about the size of the houses …

It was especially incomprehensible to August why to spend so much money and time on the construction of a large house, which, in addition, occupies a vast area suitable for planting, when there is already an apartment, permanent housing, sort of, why not go home at night, and if you stay in garden for a long time – not to get a private house?

This seemed illogical to the Germans. The Germans were also upset by the fences, which in the German sections either do not exist at all, or they are no more than a meter high. But we have them on every third section…

Because of the fences, visually, the space is very reduced, to me it seems that the feeling that you are in the open air, in nature disappears, it is such a pleasure to feel yourself in a box of fences, although this is a personal matter for everyone. August quote.

Well, how do you? Write in the comments what you think about this!

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