From June 3 to June 5, Stary Oskol will host the star program of the SPLAV poetry festival

SPLAV Festival is held for the third year in a row with the support of Alisher Usmanov's Art, Science and Sport Charitable Foundation.

From June 3 to June 5, Stary Oskol will host the star program of the SPLAV poetry festival

In the 2022 program – AkhAstakhova, the Moscow Theater of Poets, Anton Shagin (performer of the role of Ryleev in the film «Union of Salvation»), Maria Tretyakova (project «Tomboys»), and others. The headliner of the festival will be the Brothers Grim group.

“This year the festival will bring together the local poetic community of Stary Oskol, and Belgorod authors, as well as guests from Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Kursk and other cities. This will allow each of the participants to learn something new from colleagues, to expand the boundaries of creativity. Those who do not write, but only listen, will also be interested – We have prepared many activities for different audiences. And, of course, performances by real stars of poetry, cinema, theatrical art and music, – noted Nadezhda Titova, head of the Cultural Poster project; Foundation «Art, Science and Sport».

June 3 at 18.30 at the Stary Oskol Theater for Children and Youth a lecture “Poetry of Fashion” will be held; from the famous art critic, actress, TV presenter Maria Tretyakova. At 20.00, a master class of the Moscow Theater of Poets “Fundamentals of Performing Arts. The ability to keep attention».

On June 4th, the program will expand. From the very morning, they are waiting for you on the square in front of the Molodyozhny Cultural Development Center:

Playgrounds and quests will be open from 11.00 to 16.00. For the participants, a competition of children's drawings on asphalt will be held, and poems performed by children will be recorded. And also, the KVN children's team will perform for everyone.

From 12 noon, the talent market “BLOSHKA”, the “Sending postcards on the theme of poetic works” sites, master classes in writing with a pen, calligraphy, poetic plein air will be open. Rhyming games.

At 14.00, contemporary authors will arrange a poetic plein air “Poetation”. There, on the square in front of Molodyozhny, at 15.30 there will be lectures “The Evolution of Evil in Literature and the Image of the Revolution in Blok”.

At 16.30 on the stage in front of the Center for Cultural Development “Youth” they will show the Poet's Doubles Show and the sand show. And right after the official part of – opening ceremony of the festival and awarding the winners of the grant competition.

At 5.30 pm, the festival participants will again meet with the actors of the Moscow Theater of Poets under the direction of Vlad Malenko at the concert «What time is it».


And at 18.40 AkhHastakhova will take the stage with a musical and poetic program. Belgorod musicians will follow the star – Nebu High group. The evening will end with the group “Brothers Grim”.

On the same day, in parallel, in the lobby, on the ground floor and in the hall of the Center for Cultural Development there will be no less rich program:

From 11.00 until the evening there will be exhibitions “Poetics of space or a house as a place woven from poetic images, reverie and memories” and “TIME” by the work of the futurists. At 12.00 participants are expected at the children's performance of the Puppet Theatre. And right after – at the vocal and poetic production of “The Colors of Eve”. And the performances don't end there. Next – “Contemporaries” will start at 15.00. Then Maria Tretyakova will perform with a solo performance based on the work of Akhmatova “Secrets. Anna Akhmatova. At 20.00 there will be guided tours of the exhibitions “Poetics of Space” and "TIME".

June 5 at the Center for Cultural Development “Youth” the program will start at 12.00 with a screening of the projects “Kinostihi”, “Video Elements”, “Rhymes of Oskol”. This will be followed by a master class on video poetry. Speaker – famous Ural poetess Marina Volkova.

A poetry slam will take place at 14.00. At the same time, Nikita Klyon from the Stary Oskol will organize an unusual performance in the tram (at 14.00 he will be waiting for everyone near the Solnechny shopping center). And at 16.00 actor Anton Shagin will perform. At 17.00, the closing of the festival is planned, where participants will exchange impressions, take pictures and listen to the performance of the Belgorod group "NON-GROWN".

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