Flights abroad fell by 20% last week

Experts from the travel planning service OneTwoTrip analyzed the dynamics of price changes and demand for flights abroad last week compared to the previous week. It turned out that against the background of the stabilization of the ruble exchange rate, the average cost of an air ticket from Russia abroad in the week from March 28 to April 3 decreased by 20%, amounting to 22,800 rubles (the average price of a ticket purchased from March 21 to March 27 was 28,400 rubles). ).

Flights abroad fell by 20% last week

Demand for international flights increased by more than 20% over the week. Most of all, the interest of the service's clients increased in the following directions: Egypt (+200%), Maldives (+80%), Turkey (+35%), Israel (+30%) and the Republic of Belarus (+20%). Most likely, the demand for international travel will continue to grow: this is facilitated by the lifting of a number of restrictions on charter flights, the easing of coronavirus measures in a number of countries, the approaching “high” season and the May holidays.

Speaking about the dynamics of the average ticket price for specific destinations, then the air ticket to France fell the most (by 64%) (the average price when booking last week was 52,000 rubles), the price of a flight to Egypt decreased by 60% (to 24,000 rubles), by 41%? to Mauritius (up to 42,000 rubles). A ticket to Bulgaria cost an average of 29,000 rubles (39% cheaper), but to Turkey? 27,000 rubles (the price is 33% lower). In addition, there is a noticeable decrease in the average cost of a ticket to Georgia (26,700 rubles, – 25%), Montenegro (54,000 rubles, – 24%), Tajikistan (9,900 rubles, – 22%), Thailand (56,000 rubles, – 17% ) and Armenia (16,000 rubles, – 16%). Media contacts


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