Five years on guard of Russian-Serbian relations: Center “Russian-Balkan Dialogue” celebrates its fifth anniversary

May 25, 2017 in Voronezh and Belgorod, as part of the large-scale festival “Serbian Days in the Chernozem Region”, the opening of the Center “Russian-Balkan Dialogue”, a key interregional platform for the development of relations between the Russian and Serbian people, took place, and establishing cooperation with the Balkans in various areas.

Five years on guard of Russian-Serbian relations: The Russian-Balkan Dialogue Center is celebrating its fifth anniversary

Five Years of Guarding Russian-Serbian Relations: Center “Russian-Balkan Dialogue” celebrates its fifth anniversary

Today the Center “Russian-Balkan Dialogue” (initiator and leader – Evgeny Osenkov) deals with issues of Russian-Serbian cooperation in the regions of the Russian Federation. By the anniversary day, we can confidently talk about the implementation of projects and initiatives on the territory of at least ten regions of our country. The priority regions for cooperation today are the Voronezh and Ivanovo regions.

As part of the activities of the organization, over five years, about a hundred diverse events have been organized and held (in the areas of – culture, art, education, publishing, international relations, etc.) of different levels, in different formats and for different audiences. So, the business project is the annual forum “Balkan Bridge”, the Voronezh festival of Serbian culture “Serbia is near”. its participants and experts remember with warmth, and the largest summer large-scale festival “Serbian Days in the Chernozem Region” managed to win the hearts of fans of the Balkans. In addition, cultural and educational projects for schoolchildren, students, and youth have been implemented, as well as the Balkan Bridge handball tournament.

Among other things, the Center's publishing project is being actively implemented, within the framework of which diverse books about Serbia and the Balkans are published by both Russian authors and authors representing the Balkan Peninsula. In addition, the newspaper “Dialogue”, a printed publication in Russian, which talks about Russian-Serbian cooperation, continues to be published. By the way, its first issue was published on May 25, 2017, so this edition also celebrates its anniversary. To date, the Center “Russian-Balkan Dialogue” was awarded a number of awards, including the organization became the winner of the “Dobronezhets” award; (Voronezh region), and “Civil Initiative” (a federal project implemented by the Committee for Civic Initiatives, Moscow).

To date, the Center has established relationships with partners – Embassy of Serbia in the Russian Federation (Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary – Momcilo Babich), Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Russian Federation (Zeljko Samardzhia), Rossotrudnichestvo (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation), Russian House in Belgrade, governments and administrations of the regions of the Russian Federation, as well as representatives of culture, art, business, tourism, etc. The list of partners and joint projects only grows from year to year,
Over the years of work, the organization has faced both difficulties and major victories in the field of establishing international relations, as well as preventing extremism and establishing good-neighborly interethnic relations in the regions of the Russian Federation. But there is no time to stop there: only until the end of 2022 it is planned to implement a series of Russian-Balkan events in Moscow, Voronezh and Ivanovo regions, a series of cultural, educational and educational events, as well as a gastronomic project together with the leader of Serbian gastronomy in Russia, the company “Damil” ;.

Center for International Cooperation “Russian-Balkan Dialogue” open to  cooperation on any issues within the framework of the development of international and interethnic interaction.

Coordinates for interaction: +7 916 258 37 75 (Whatsap, Telegram), official website: , e-mail: , Telegram: @balkanmost, VK:


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