FAS: tour operators should not give forecasts about price increases

The Federal Antimonopoly Service issued warnings to tour operators Multitour and Dolphin, as well as the Atelika Hotel Group, in connection with a public announcement of a rise in prices for summer vacations in Russia.

FAS: tour operators should not predict price increases

So, according to a report published in On the department’s Telegram channel, such public statements by officials can be taken by companies that provide tourism services as a guide to action. As a result, this can lead to unreasonable price increases and excessive demand for such services.

Often, price changes for summer vacations are associated with a seasonal increase in demand. Additional objective grounds for a sharp increase in prices due to the emergence of new expenses for tourist trips in Russia by the onset of the summer season may not appear. Therefore, the agency draws the attention of all market participants to the need to comply with the principles of responsible pricing. It is unacceptable to artificially create excessive demand for the purpose of unreasonable price increases,” the FAS stressed.


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