Familiar products for Russians from which most Europeans turn back

Familiar for Russians, products from which most Europeans turn back

Most Russians look with disgust as Asians eat insects, but no one thought that Europeans look with the same disgust at the products familiar to us! !

And the liver with buckwheat in the first photo is not easy! Agree, it’s quite normal food familiar from childhood, but this is only for you and me!

For example, in many European countries, Germany and the UK, buckwheat in its usual form is not found on sale or with great difficulty, and most likely it will be green . There it is used most often for livestock feed or, in extreme cases, used in the form of buckwheat flour. In their usual form for us, for them, it only causes disgust.

The liver and, in general, all animal offal, such as hearts, stomachs and other things, also fly there, they are also used either for animal feed or as part of the cheapest minced meat, they don’t eat liver as an independent dish, it seems like it’s offal and it’s disgusting.

By the way, even a tongue (beef or pork), which is considered a delicacy among us and decently worthy enough, will also be considered waste!

So buckwheat with liver for the same German is just disgusting.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, lard is also on this list, it is a waste from meat production, and even perfectly cooked and served it will cause negative emotions in most Europeans.< /p>

But not everyone eats lard in northern countries, such as Hungarians and Finns.

Products familiar to Russians that most Europeans turn off

It is also not to the taste of many Europeans, and in particular the Germans, salted tomatoes, yes, the salted tomatoes we are used to in jars, most often they are sold in their own juice, but not in brine.

By the way, most Europeans don't love tracery and dried fish, Scandinavians are an exception, well, it's not surprising.

Well, now it's clear why a herring under a fur coat is one of the most disgusting salads according to Europeans who have been to Russia.

Speaking of dishes, you can't ignore jelly, it is also one of the underestimated dishes among foreigners, well, everything is clear here.

But, this is not a reason to look at our products and dishes differently! You need to take an example from the same Asians who only laugh at how others frown and continue to crunch their fried grasshoppers.

By the way that almost every European country has dishes that seem strange to others, the same Germans eat sandwiches with raw minced pork for breakfast! Horror!

So each nation has its signature dishes that only its natives will understand, and I think that this cool, these are our features!

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