Explore Rostov-on-Don

Every Saturday until the end of September, the Tourist Information Center of Rostov-on-Don conducts sightseeing walking tours. You can visit them absolutely free!

Explore Rostov -on-Don

Explore Rostov-on-Don

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The number of places is limited, therefore, participants are pre-registered at the Tourist Information Center: at st. Suvorova, 21/28, by phone: +8(863)292-39-18, +8(800)302-92-90, or by writing to e-mail: tic.rnd@yandex.ru.

Sightseeing tours will be of particular interest to those who are in the southern capital for the first time. Having plunged into the unique flavor of Rostov for a couple of hours, the tourist will be able to get acquainted with the sights of the city, feel its history. During the walk it will be interesting to see different Rostov-on-Don – dynamic and seething with life on Bolshaya Sadovaya, romantic and sedate – on Pushkinskaya street, cheerful and cheerful – on the Rostov embankment. It is especially interesting to get acquainted with the city according to the programs of the best guides – here, with knowledge of the matter and with the humor inherent in Rostovites, they will tell mysterious legends and funny stories, introduce the biography of bright personalities, reveal the secrets of old mansions and the secret meaning of the “stone chronicle”.

Another free project for exploring the southern capital has been launched on the JoinPRO international tourism digital platform. Within the framework of the project “Rostov-on-Don – a city with taste” Exciting online tours and entertaining master classes on cooking real Cossack fish soup, crayfish, Rostov kurnik, okroshka and dumplings with cherries are waiting for you. During virtual tours you will get acquainted with the history of the formation of the Don capital, see the beauty of old merchant mansions, appreciate the unusual architecture of modern Rostov theaters, find out in what century Rostov-on-Don was considered the largest port in the South of Russia.

During each online tour, the guide will ask you questions about attentiveness and erudition on the topic of the air. Among those who answer correctly, gifts will be raffled off: charming handmade dishes from the ClayStreet workshop, the eternal classic of Don souvenirs from the Semikarakorsk Ceramics factory, tickets to the Lemar quad track, dinners at the crayfish and reptiles gastropub; and ethnopark KUMZHA. To take part in the drawing of the Grand Prize – trips to Rostov-on-Don for two, you will need to register the codes on the project website.

You will learn these same codes from the guides during each excursion. Therefore, be sure to watch all the broadcasts in Rostov-on-Don and listen carefully! Do not forget to follow the news of the project on the tourist portal of the city of Rostov-on-Don tourism.rostov-gorod.ru.


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