Experts assessed Russia's plans to abandon imported aircraft parts

Experts believe that it will be difficult for the state corporation Rostec to fulfill its plans to completely abandon imported aircraft components.

The goal is to fully import components for SSJ-New and MS-21 aircraft and produce 1000 airliners by 2030.

However, the head of AeroDynamic Advisory, Richard Abulafi, believes that the goal set by the corporation is practically not feasible. And he made a reference to the USSR, when 2000 airliners were produced during the entire existence of the Union. “Even when they could get semiconductors and other vital components from the West, it was very difficult for Russia to produce more than a few aircraft a year”, said Richard Abdulafi.

Also known that the only Russian manufacturer of civil aircraft, the United Aircraft Corporation, has limited resources in the form of a lack of models, production capacities and components. In this regard, Rostec will have to either look for the necessary components in foreign markets, or manufacture them on its own.


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