Epperly Travel Rebrands to Jetset World Travel

Epperly Travel Rebrands to Jetset World Travel

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WHY IT RATES: Epperly Travel’s name change isn’t just surface-level: it’s also investing more into its travel advisors. – Lacey Pfalz, Associate Writer, TravelPulse

Epperly Travel, an Atlanta-based travel agency, announces its rebrand with a new name – Jetset World Travel. Renaming the travel agency as Jetset World Travel reflects the company’s larger vision and direction as a world-class organization with a team of 55 gracious travel industry citizens empowered to curate unforgettable memories.

Lindsey Epperly, founder and CEO of Epperly Travel, made the decision to let go of the namesake brand to create a platform for growth for the team of advisors, ultimately creating an enhanced boutique agency by shifting focus and investing in the expertise of the advisors.

The direction to establish the agency as an innovator in the travel industry provides clients with unique and quality service, as well as an abundance of premier options. Reinvesting in the advisors also means partnering with the best of the best around the world and actively seeking the newest and greatest properties. With the ever-changing landscape of travel during a pandemic, travel advisors are becoming a necessity for information and guidance while traveling domestically and internationally.

In this move, Epperly will lessen her visibility as the face of the brand in order to lead a team that is reinventing the travel industry. It’s time to shake up the industry with a move that empowers advisors to rise as leaders.

When Epperly began her career in the travel industry at the age of 19, she was dedicated to making an impact and growing a business. While establishing her own book of business, Epperly formed a team with a like-minded vision.

“Fostering the ambitions of others makes this agency about so much more than my entrepreneurial goals, it makes it about the people who make the travel industry what it is today,” said Epperly. “The name ‘Epperly’ carries a special meaning, not just as my maiden name, but as an homage to the family business my father built and sold, Epperly Tire,” Epperly continued. “My father taught me everything I know about being an entrepreneur and my goal is to teach Jetset travel advisors the same.”

The decision to do business without the family name at the helm also creates an environment to accelerate teams, a specialty of Jetset World Travel. Having once operated a business within a host agency herself, Epperly sees the future of the travel industry as one powered by entrepreneurs of all ambitions. From solopreneurs to team leaders, Jetset World Travel’s hosting program allows advisors to experience the financial upside of success, all the while receiving business mentorship amongst a community of like-minded advisors. Jetset World Travel takes a holistic approach to empowering travel advisors, focusing on personal and professional development, and the name
change only continues to elevate the team as a whole.

SOURCE: Jetset World Travel press release.

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