Embassy: Russians stuck in Sinai will not be fined for not having a visa

Embassy: Russians stranded in Sinai Sinai will not be fined for not having a visa

Russian tourists stuck on the Sinai Peninsula will not be fined for not having a visa, the Russian Embassy in Egypt said on Thursday.
“In the course of negotiations with the Egyptian On the other hand, we managed to reach an agreement on the temporary cancellation of fines for Russian citizens for delaying the so-called “Sinai stamp” due to the objective difficulties of returning to their homeland,” the diplomatic mission's press service told RIA Novosti.
.ru or call the emergency number +2-0128-009-50-99 in case of difficulties on this issue, as well as threats to the life, safety and health of Russian citizens requiring the intervention of consular officers.

Earlier resting A Russian citizen living in Sharm el-Sheikh said that travelers departing on an export flight were required to urgently hand over $30 for a visa, otherwise they would be issued a $100 fine. Some paid at the airport, as there was no time for paperwork.


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