Egypt launches Tax Free system

At the airport of Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt), the Tax Free system was launched.

Tax Free system launched in Egypt

Due to the fact that the system only works at the airport in Sharm el-Sheikh, only local shops and hotels connect to it. Foreign tourists can receive a refund of value added tax on their purchases if their stay in the country does not exceed three months, and the cost of purchases is at least 1,500 Egyptian pounds (approximately 60 US dollars or 3,700 rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation). This is reported by ATOR.

It is clarified that the purchased item must be presented in unopened packaging. Tourists are advised to make sure in advance that the outlet where the purchase is made is connected to the Tax Free system. When buying goods with Tax Free, a foreigner receives an electronic receipt containing his passport number.

To receive a VAT refund when departing from Sharm el-Sheikh, tourists should present the purchased goods, a passport and a fiscal document confirming purchase. A bank card is required to transfer the refunded tax amount. In what currency VAT will be returned is not yet known. Transfers to Russian bank cards, including cards of the MIR payment system, are currently not possible in Egypt.


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