Egypt in February 2022: weather, prices and reviews

Egypt in February — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

Alas, I can't positively state “do you want to go to Egypt in February? Yes, of course, fly without thinking! Instead, I'll tell you why you should take your February vacation a little more responsibly than just buying a tour and ordering a taxi to the airport.

Is it worth going to Egypt in February?

It's worth taking a vacation whenever and wherever you want. But with the condition: before the trip, conduct at least a superficial study of the resort. In order not to wither from the heat, as in Turkey in August, or not to frown from the cold sea, as in Tunisia in May.

What do you need to know about Egypt and the last month of winter?

  • You may not be happy with the weather in Egypt in February.
  • Definitely, you will have to carefully choose a hotel. Pointing your finger and flying is not a suitable scenario for February.
  • One hundred percent, you will like the prices for holidays!
  • As well as the fact that charters to Hurghada and Sharm do not fly except from Khabarovsk (and then – they were, but later canceled).

We will analyze each of the points in more detail, but for now, take into service new rules for entering Egypt in 2022: if you are 12 years old or older, then take with you to the airport either a certificate of vaccination with Sputnik V (printed version from public services in English), or a PCR test made no earlier than 72 hours before departure (in English and on paper, with original lab seal or with qr code). If you are flying on your own, do not forget about insurance.

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The weather in Egypt in February – where is it warmer?

Egypt in February — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

In general, February is the coldest month in Egypt. On the street it drops to +20°C, the Red Sea “scares” with its +23°C, sunny days last all month long, and there is no rain at all. Unbearable low season conditions!

But seriously, despite the summer temperatures in Egypt in February, there is one big climate problem: winds. They come at the end of November and prevent sunbathing on the beach until April. They sneak under your swimsuit and force you to put on a sweatshirt in the evenings.

  • There is a solution: choose Sharm el-Sheikh for your holiday in February. The city is surrounded by mountains, and there are many sheltered bays and beaches (but not all!). In Hurghada, you can also find a couple of windless places. The names will be in the next section.

Egypt is cooler at the end of February than at the beginning of the month. But in March the situation changes, and the weather slowly adjusts to the high season.

Water and air temperature in Egypt in February

Here is a table showing where it is warmer in Egypt in February. But don't rely solely on degrees. All resorts, except Sharm, are located in the open field of the desert, and it is difficult to find a windproof hotel there. Plus, it should be borne in mind that the sun rises early – around 6:30 – and those very coveted +23 … + 25 on the shore flare up closer to dinner.

Is it possible to swim in February? Can. But only where there is no wind. Otherwise, you literally cannot approach the sea: waves, cold, sand in your teeth.

Average air and water temperatures in Egypt in February:

< td>at the beginning of February

< td>+21…+24

Air temperature Sea temperature
early February late February at the end of February
Sharm El Sheikh +21…+25 +18…+21 +23.3 +22.8
Hurghada +17…+20 +23 +22.5
Marsa Alam +21…+25 +18 …+21 +23.8 +23.5
Dahab +20… +26 +18…+22 +23 +22.5

Egyptian resorts – where is the best place to relax in February?

Egypt in February — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

Egypt in February &mdash ; 2022: weather, prices and reviews

If you still underestimate the strength of the wind in Egypt, then you should know that hotels that are unlucky with their location build special barriers on the beaches in winter so that neither you nor sunbeds with umbrellas will be blown away.

In winter, throwing on the topic “Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh?” make no sense.
*but in the high season there will be a whole separate article of differences

  • Sharm El Sheikh for February is the best resort in Egypt. You can hide from the weather hysteria and swim in these areas: Naama Bay, Sharm El Maya, Sharks Bay, White Knight Bay, Ras Umm El Sid. In no case do not consider the Nabq area – it will blow back to Russia with a gust of wind.
  • But Hurghada in February is capricious to goosebumps, and here you already need to choose specific hotels, namely: 5 * Prima Life Makadi, 5 * Sunrise Royal Makadi, 4* Fort Arabesque, 4* King Tut, 3* Zahabia. Well, you can still go to 5* Grand Waterworld Makadi. And that's probably all. Yes, most of these hotels are located in Makadi Bay, but it cannot be universally recommended.

But Marsa Alam, Dahab and other resorts are definitely not the spaces where it is better to relax in Egypt in February. In late spring or early autumn, please, in winter, it is better to close the page with tours.

Prices for tours to Egypt in February – 2022

By the way, about tours!
Prices for holidays in Egypt in February is what encourages tourists to book tours without looking at the weather forecast. Because to arrange the sea, sun and fruits in mid-February for only 20 thousand rubles … seems like a very cool idea.
But you and I realized that not everything is so smooth with winter Egypt. Therefore, we don’t lose our heads and don’t go for super-cheap (well, or we go by accepting the minuses).

All offers from tour operators are collected by aggregators – they also compare where the hotel is cheaper, add the latest reviews from tourists and help find comfortable flight:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

How to make it easier for yourself to find a hotel? To begin with, in the field “country or resort” immediately drive Charm. Then open the map – it is available on any aggregator – and explore the bays. Or reduce the number of actions to one and immediately go to the next section with hotel recommendations :)

How much does a tour to Egypt cost in February 2022?

— You can fly from Moscow for 35–40,000 rubles for two for a week; Surprisingly, the minimum cost of vouchers from the regions is the same.
— A vacation in a good 5-star hotel costs 50,000 rubles or more for two people for 7 nights.
000 rubles for the same duration.

Best hotels list (Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada)

Egypt in February — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

Windless, and therefore the best hotels for the winter in Hurghada, I indicated above. There are only six or seven of them, and tourists love Fort Arabesque Resort the most (because the hotel has a beautiful beach and a reef). So, if you REALLY need a beach holiday in Hurghada, choose from them.

And here I will give symbols for the best hotels in Sharm. On the way, let me remind you of the “golden” elements of a good hotel at this time of the year: protection from the wind and a heated pool. The sea in Egypt is cool in February, and hotels often clog and do not heat the water in the pools, and why then, one wonders, should we overpay for a water park on the territory?

  • 5 * Sentido Reef Oasis Senses is the king of many winter tourist reviews, guarding a good vacation all year round and armed with three trump cards: a heated pool, a reef and at the same time a sandy entry into the water (which is rare) and excellent food. To the sea, of course, you have to walk 700 meters, but on the other hand, through a pleasant green area. Or take a minibus, this option is also available.
    Tour cost: from 135,000 rubles for two for 7 nights
  • < li>5* Iberotel Palace Adult Only – Iberotel is chosen because, of course, it is hidden from the winds, populates ONLY ADULTS and stands on a completely sandy beach. There is no reef here, which means no living creatures in the water, if that bothers you. Plus, just around the corner is the Old Town – one of the main attractions of Sharm, where there is a market, entertainment, and a large mosque.
    Tour price: from 130,000 rubles for two for 7 nights

  • 5 * Reef Oasis Beach Resort – Reef Oasis shares territory with the first hotel (or vice versa?) And is located closer to the sea. Accordingly, there is the same beautiful reef and convenient beach, but in general the level of the hotel is lower than that of Sentido. nights
  • 4 * Jaz Fanara – and … this hotel is also next door to the first and third from the list, such a successful bay of Ras Umm el Sid. Well, Jazz Fanara is a proven and reliable hotel, and despite the 4 stars, the food here is better than many fives. The hotel has a cool beach, a picturesque reef and no wind on the territory.
    Tour cost: from 100,000 rubles for two for 7 nights
  • 5 * Domina Coral Bay Oasis Hotel – the Domina hotel chain occupies an entire bay called Coral Bay. Of the 7 resorts, this Oasis has become the most popular, simply because it is cheaper than the rest. And the conditions are the same as those of the luxury counterparts: a sandy beach, corals with fish, a pretty area. If the main task of a vacation is to see the sea in February, while not freezing and with an adequate budget, then you are here.
    Tour cost: from 55,000 rubles for two 7 nights
  • 4 * Hilton Sharks Bay – it will definitely be inexpensive in the Hilton (see prices for tours), close to the airport – the hotel is right in front of it, fun – an active team of animators is responsible for this, informative – you can’t see anyone on the reef, and warm – the hotel is hidden from the winds. Cons: complaints about the food and a small beach for such a large hotel, and the entrance to the water is only from the pontoon, otherwise you will hurt your feet on the corals.
    Tour cost: from 60,000 rubles for two for 7 nights
  • 5* Movenpick Resort Naama Bay is a rare hotel in Naama Bay that has a reef. Movenpick wins with view numbers (the sea can be seen even from the most standard room), a huge territory, a spacious comfortable beach (more precisely, beaches) and price. Beware, the hotel is built on a hill and access to the beach is through many stairs.
    Tour cost: from 85,000 rubles for two for 7 nights

Sights in Egypt – what to do in February?

Egypt in February — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

Within the resort – be it Sharm or Hurghada – outside the hotel walls everyone spends time in a similar scenario.

  • Snorkeling or diving, look at the colorful underwater world in all available ways. And if diving is clearly an outdoor activity, then you can swim with fins and a mask without leaving the hotel beach and for free (you understand, yes, what is the advantage of hotels with their own reef?). True, in Hurghada, in any case, you need to go somewhere to visit corals and fish, there is a sandy shore.
  • They go to the markets, buy souvenirs and spices, hone the skill of skillful negotiations with merchants.
  • Explore nightclubs, cafe-restaurants, embankments

So you can always find something to do in Egypt in February. Hurghada has more old streets, museums, mosques and churches, while Sharm has more nightclubs and shopping centers.

The best tours in Egypt

Egypt in February — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

Egypt in February &mdash ; 2022: weather, prices and reviews

Pyramids are the first thing that comes to mind when the question “what to see? ..” arises. Excursions to Giza (namely, where the pyramids are located) take place every day and are often combined with a sightseeing tour of Cairo. The program will take a whole day, and should cost no more than $60 if we are talking about a group tour by bus.

You can save yourself from negotiations and bargaining on the streets and in agencies – and just book the same tour online on the site:

  • Satellite8
  • or Tripster

These are the two main sites with excursions in Russian in any corner of the world. You study the entire range of entertainment at the resort, look at the description and photos, read the reviews of tourists who have already been on excursions – and decide.

To the pyramids from Sharm el-Sheikh

To the pyramids from Hurghada

What else is interesting in Egypt? In Sharm el-Sheikh you can go to:

⛱️ ATV safari if you haven't tried it in the UAE or Turkey yet. I would combine quads with an overview of the main attractions in the vicinity of Sharm: the Colored Canyon, the desert and Dahab.
⛱️ There are many places where there is some kind of point, peak, where you definitely need to climb. Near Sharm it is Mount Moses or Sinai. They rise to meet the dawn, and it is very beautiful.

In Hurghada all activities where you can admire the famous inhabitants of the Red Sea are popular:

⛱️ Starting from diving accessible to beginners,
⛱️ …and ending with a dive in a bathyscaphe, if fins and scuba gear are not your story at all.
⛱️ And one of the most soulful excursions in Hurghada is a horseback ride at sunset. Our compatriot Irina keeps her own stable, where she takes care of animals, and arranges private walks in the desert.

Where is better in Egypt in February with children?

Egypt in February — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

I am in favor of holidays with children in Egypt – they naturally cannot be torn off from the underwater world. Fish and other marine life often swim near the shore, entertainment for the whole daylight hours! :) Of course, for a trip with a very small child, Hurghada is preferable: clean sand without sharp corals, gentle entry into the water. But in Sharm you can find hotels with good beaches (in the same Naama Bay) and at the same time with a rich reef.

Parents have a responsible task: to meticulously read hotel reviews, because the hotel industry in Egypt is still fun. You have to compromise between price/quality/condition of the rooms.

Catch the list of reliable hotels for families with a child in February 2022 – all checked for calmness and children's infrastructure:

  • 5 * Prima Life Makadi (Hurghada)
  • 5* Sunrise Royal Makadi (Hurghada)
  • 5* Albatros Aqua Park (Sharm El Sheikh)
  • 5* Albatros Palace (Sharm El Sheikh)
  • 4* Albatros Aqua Blu Resort (Sharm El Sheikh)

Coupons work only on the website, enter one of them on the booking page. And the tour can be on any date, not necessarily in February.

Tourist reviews about holidays in Egypt in February: pros and cons

< p>Egypt in February — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

Rest in Egypt in February is generally not bad, much better than the same 7-10 days spent at -20 and a gloomy Russian sky. There are a lot of reviews of tourists about Egypt in February, so it’s not to say that this is a completely sad month. If you follow a few rules for choosing resorts and hotels, which I described in the text, you can get a tan, swim, and make friends with all the fish.

+ the water temperature is quite comfortable
+ prices for tours there is nowhere more beautiful
+ simple entry rules, and charters fly literally from everywhere
+ blue sky, fruits, good mood
+ you don’t have to hide from the cruel sun on the pyramids

— and yet February the weather is the most unpleasant possible in Egypt
– if you miss the hotel, it will be cold
– even in the most calm corner there can be a day when you have to admire the sea from under the blanket
– some windless, but mediocre hotels are shamelessly taking advantage and driving the price sky high


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