Dubai did not accept Russian blogger

Why did Danya Milokhin return to Russia?

Dubai did not accept the Russian blogger

Dubai did not accept the Russian blogger

A year after blogger Danya Milokhin left Russia, he has finally returned home. He had already managed to walk around the center of the capital and meet with friends. According to the 21-year-old star, he really missed communicating with his loved ones, whom he missed very much during his year of absence. However, according to sources, Milokhin returned not only because of the desire to communicate, but also because of financial reasons.

Back in the summer, the blogger’s agent began offering cooperation to show producers, familiar artists and event organizers. For a fee of one million rubles, Milokhin was ready to perform, dance and entertain guests. Having spent all his savings, including five million rubles received from the sale of a car, after living abroad for a year, Milokhin is now turning to his friends in search of a source of income.

However, a problem arises, since television channels have written his name down on the list unwanted stars to participate in filming. Everyone remembers him, especially how he violated contractual obligations, insulted Konstantin Ernst and members of the team of the Ice Age show.

«Orders for pre-New Year and New Year events are now underway, and Milokhin is actively showing his readiness work in Russia. However, industry representatives doubt that he will have many orders: most likely, only individual private events,” says an anonymous source.

In addition, shortly before the blogger returned to his homeland, he had problems with the police , he was fined for violating traffic rules. Milokhin had to borrow money from friends to pay the fine and get his driver’s license back.


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