Digital Aviation & Travel Forum – a complete change in the digital landscape

What will be the new digital landscape for Russian air carriers? What will happen to the capabilities and quality of the services provided? Will the competition continue? How is the chain reaction of change affecting the travel industry, tour operators and online travel agencies? How will all this ultimately affect passengers?

Finding answers to these difficult questions lies ahead at the Digital Aviation & Travel Forum on September 27

strong>at the Renaissance Moscow Monarch Center.

Are Russian airlines now tackling the most difficult task? how to “jump over” to domestic digital platforms in a short time without stopping operations and avoiding significant disruptions? No less difficult task is facing Russian providers? they need to scale their platforms quickly and within limits, and also, if possible, add analogues of those products that were traditionally provided by foreign companies.

The Digital Aviation & Travel Forum program provides for the discussion of the most topical issues, the informal continuation of which is provided during extended coffee breaks and an evening buffet. In addition, a networking zone will be available throughout the forum, allowing business meetings and negotiations.

You can register for the event here.


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