Defensive structures are being built in Crimea. Holidays get cheaper?

In Crimea, the construction of defensive structures in case of external aggression continues.

Fortifications are being built in Crimea. Will vacations get cheaper?

Fortifications are being built in the Crimea. Will holidays get cheaper?

According to local authorities, the construction of a defensive line should not reduce the attractiveness of resorts and scare away tourists. But is it true? 

Statistical data show that this point of view is erroneous. It is assumed that demand will be restored due to lower prices by the summer. However, lowering the cost of rest will only be forced. There is about a month left before the start of the season, and there are practically no early bookings in local hotels. 

At the same time, according to the head of the peninsula, Sergei Aksyonov, the construction of forts is a justified and necessary measure. He believes that tourists will treat this situation with understanding and will not refuse to visit the resort. 

At the moment, hotel prices are at the usual level — they are still high. Due to the limited offer of summer holidays, the cost of living on the Black Sea coast is growing annually. 

Over the past year, prices for holidays on the Black Sea have increased by about 15%. This was influenced by general inflation and a rise in the cost of consumables. However, when compared with pre-coronavirus times, in 2019, on average, a room for June cost about 6 thousand rubles, and in 2023 it went up to 12 thousand rubles.


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