Daughter Malafeev, who refused her father's money, spoke about daily spending in Dubai

19-year-old Ksenia Malafeeva lives in a hotel, travels exclusively by taxi, and eats lunch and dinner only in cafes and restaurants.

Malafeeva's daughter who refused her father's money spoke about her daily expenses in Dubai

The daughter who refused her father's money Malafeeva spoke about daily spending in Dubai

at the center of a scandal over the distribution of illegal substances, for which she received a 4-year suspended sentence. 

Part of this period, the girl underwent rehabilitation in a private clinic, then there was no news about her. It was only recently that she publicly announced that she had started a new life in Dubai, as Ksenia says, away from her family who had turned away from her.

According to the girl, her bad habits are a thing of the past, now she has a completely different life: yoga, the gym and English lessons. At the same time, Ksenia manages to maintain a personal blog, where she shares her busy everyday life with subscribers. The opinions of people commenting on these posts vary greatly in their characteristics about the new image of the star daughter, but Ksenia is not worried about this.

Some time ago, the girl talked about her expenses. According to her, she lives in a hotel that costs 7,000 rubles per room per day. The daughter of a football player moves exclusively by taxi, and dine in restaurants. She prefers to spend her free time in museums and beauty salons, so Ksenia can spend about 35 thousand rubles a day. At the same time, the girl provides for herself on her own, but Ksenia does not specify who exactly she works for. It is known that while the daughter of a famous football player lived in Russia, she managed to work as a waitress and eyebrow. 

«In recent years, my parents and I did not communicate much. I made money myself. She was on her own, they were on their own. We had no contact, no intimacy. I didn’t see the point of being in a family, — said Xenia, who now wants nothing to do with her family.


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