Cyprus in April: vacation on a flowering island

When the temperature is just above zero in the middle latitudes, spring is already in full swing in the Mediterranean Sea. If you have been to Cyprus in the summer and remember the sun-dried island, then April will surprise you. Lush greenery, flowering trees – a delicate fresh aroma indicates that summer is coming soon. Already during the day you can walk in light clothes, the skin is covered with the first tan, and the markets are full of fragrant glossy strawberries. How about a week of relaxation in such a pleasant place?

About a trip with children to Cyprus in April, options for spending time and resorts where you can sunbathe, the Kid Passage review will tell.

Cyprus in April: a vacation on a flowering island

Holidays in Cyprus in April: pros and cons

travelers planned and what the weather was like at the time of arrival. Most satisfied are those who love excursions or secluded relaxation. But tourists who dream only of the beach and the sea are disappointed.

There are definitely advantages to a trip to Cyprus in April:

  • almost always sunny;
  • warm and even hot days are not uncommon;
  • rain is unlikely;
  • many apartments and hotel rooms available;
  • prices are much lower than in the high season;
  • water parks are already open;
  • the weather is ideal for excursions around the island.

But there are cons. First, the middle of spring – it's still not summer. In the evenings it is almost always cool, day after day is also not necessary. You will have to take clothes with you for different occasions.

Secondly, the sea does not have time to warm up. Pools in water parks and hotels are not always heated, so there is a chance to sunbathe, swim – Unlikely.

Thirdly, mini-clubs do not yet work in hotels. In any case, animation in Cyprus is much less developed than in Turkey, so tourists with children rarely count on it.

But suppose you are not going to lie on the beach for days on end, but want to enjoy peace and see something interesting. We have several options for where to relax in Cyprus in April to make your dreams come true.

The weather in Cyprus in April

No matter how much you want to get to summer as soon as possible, Cypriot weather in April -May is still spring – with the sun, but with some coolness. But the rains that watered the island back in March are ending, and nothing interferes with walks.

The weather in early April is clear and dry. Cool during the day and cold at night. On vacation, layered clothing is useful, such as a T-shirt, fleece and a thin jacket. You can always peel off the extra layer.

The weather in Cyprus at the end of April is more often warm, although cool days are not uncommon. The sun is already good enough to sunbathe, and sunscreen definitely does not hurt.

Before you travel to Cyprus in April with a child, you will definitely look at the weather forecast. And the weather data will help you imagine your future journey right now.

Air and water temperature

Due to the mild climate, Cyprus is considered a year-round resort. But if from May to October people sunbathe and swim here, then in April they travel more around the island, immersed in greenery. Here's what the weather looks like in mid-spring:

  Day t Night t water t
Ayia Napa +21, 3°C +17.0°C +18.4°C
Protaras +21.2°C +17.0°C +18.4°C; C
Larnaca +22.2°C +15.7°C +18.3°C
Limassol +21.7°C +14.9°C +18.1°C
Paphos +20.7°C +15.6°C +18.1°C

Daytime air temperature in Cyprus in April is very changeable: it can be +15°С or +28°С. More often, moderate heat is kept, about + 20 ° C, almost summer days occur less often. The nights are still cold, only +12-16°C. After hot days and at night, the temperature is in no hurry to drop. The water temperature in Cyprus in April is only +17-19°C.

Can I swim

Cyprus in April: vacation on a blooming island

If anyone is ready to swim in Cyprus in April, these are people accustomed to the harsh climate. To them, water heated to + 18 ° C seems acceptable. But for most vacationers, the Mediterranean Sea is still too cold. On hot days and in the absence of wind, shallow waters can warm up: take the chance to go into the water at least ankle-deep.

Meanwhile, on all the beaches where they swim, preparations are underway in April for the new season. The “Blue Flags”, which Cyprus is famous for and which guarantee a safe and comfortable holiday, appear on the coast on May 1.

Beach holidays

You can go to Cyprus and absolutely not going to lie on the beach. But as soon as the sun bakes (and this is a common thing in the middle of spring), you want to change plans and soak up the seashore.

Where to go in Cyprus in April? The best sandy beaches are located in Ayia Napa and Protaras. In Larnaca, the coast is not so picturesque, but it is also covered with sand. The beaches of Limassol are sandy and pebbly. In Paphos, the coast is rocky: to sunbathe comfortably, you need to go out of town, for example, to Geroskipou.

Entrance to the beaches is free. In April it is not always possible to rent sunbeds and umbrellas, so it is worth bringing towels or mats with you.

Ayia Napa

Cyprus in April: blooming island vacation

A resort in the southeast of Cyprus – it's sunny weather, long beaches and a large selection of accommodation. There are several children's entertainments, and there are even more sightseeing objects nearby.

In early April, the daytime temperature in Ayia Napa is + 16-20 ° C, later the air warms up to + 21-24 ° C, although the average does not change. At night, thermometers show +12-18°C. Precipitation is very rare, the average wind speed is 4.1 m/s. Water temperature +17-19°C.

The sand on the beaches of the resort is soft, the sea is shallow and very clean. If the warm and windless weather lasts for several days in a row, the kids will not give up the pleasure of getting their feet wet. The best places to relax are the beaches of Vatia Gonia, Nissi Beach, Makronisos.

Waterworld water park is already open in April, the scenery of which beats the myths of Ancient Greece. There are two small amusement parks waiting for children. Famous natural sites near the resort – Cape Greco and the Blue Lagoon.

There are hotels, apartments, villas in the resort itself and next to it. Many hotels of different levels are family oriented. Among the food systems there are including “all inclusive”.

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Cyprus in April: vacation on a flowering island

This resort differs from neighboring Ayia Napa in peace even in the high season. In April, you can have a great rest there with a small child.

The weather in Protaras is clear, dry, often quite warm. At the beginning of the month, during the day, the air warms up to + 16-20 ° C, in mid-April there are almost summer days. At night it gets cold up to +12-18°C. The average wind speed is 4.1 m/s. Sea water has time to warm up only to +17-19°C.

Cozy sandy beaches in the bays – the pride of Protaras. The most beautiful place is called Fig Tree Beach, although other bays delight with seascapes.

Since the resort is located very close to Ayia Napa, you can visit the water park and amusement parks with children.  There will be no problems with the choice of housing, in Protaras there are both 5-star hotels and modest apartments. If you are going to cook on your own, all products can be bought in the supermarket and on the market.

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Cyprus in April: vacation on a blooming island

The first reason to choose the resort of Larnaca – the largest airport in Cyprus. Soon after arrival you will find yourself in a cozy town by the sea. Larnaca also has other advantages.

The weather in the resort in April is changeable. During the day, thermometers show either + 16 ° C, then + 26 ° C, at night only + 12-18 ° C. At the same time, 26 sunny and 1 rainy day – a good gift for travelers. The average wind speed is 3.6 m/s. The water temperature ranges from +17°C to +19-20°C.

The sandy beaches of Larnaca are suitable for families with children. The main thing is that they are located in the city. For example, the promenade of the resort stretches along one of the most beautiful beaches – Finikoudes. There are many playgrounds near the coast.

Among the entertainments of the city – indoor play centers for children. Also, children are delighted to visit donkey and camel farms.

As for excursions, there is a huge list: we can mention at least the Stavrovouni Monastery and the Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque.

The best family-friendly hotels are usually far from the city center. The complexes, aimed at tourists with children, have a children's pool, a playroom, cots and high chairs for babies. Animation is provided in some places, but this service is usually not yet available in April.

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Cyprus in April: vacation on a blooming island

Limassol – the southernmost resort of Cyprus, and travelers have certain hopes for it. Plans are adjusted by the weather: when it's warm, you can sunbathe on the beach, and when it's fresh – wander among the ruins of ancient Kourion.

Both at the beginning and at the end of April, the air temperature can vary from +16°С to +24-27°С during the day and from +8°С to +20°С at night. The sun shines most of the month, although once or twice the resort gets wet in a short spring rain. The average wind speed is 3.7 m/s. The water temperature in the sea rarely rises above +18°C.

The coastline of the resort is not wide, but very long. Sandy areas alternate with small pebbles. In April, when there is no influx of tourists, you can sunbathe on the central beaches. It is also worth going to Dassudi Beach, where eucalyptus trees grow along the sea.

Limassol is perhaps the champion of Cyprus in terms of the number of children's entertainment. There is a zoo, a children's city of professions, an ice skating rink, indoor play centers, and a medieval amusement park. Fasouri Watermania water park opens only closer to May.

There are several museums in different directions in Limassol. In addition, from here it is convenient to get to the traditional villages of Omodos, Pedoulas, Kakopetria.

During the beach season, tourists with children often stay in hotels on the first coastline. Since not much time is spent on the beach in spring, in April you can choose accommodation in any area.

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In perhaps the most important sightseeing center of Cyprus, beach holidays are relegated to the background in the summer. And in April, the sea coast is another beautiful place for a walk, and only sometimes – for sunbathing.

In the south-west of Cyprus in April, thermometers most often show + 16-20 ° С, although it can also be + 14 ° С and + 28 ° С. The night temperature is +12-17°C. It is not always possible to catch a single rain, but the sun shines relentlessly. The average wind strength is 3.7 m/s. The sea is warmed up to +17-18°C by April.

The rocky coast of Paphos is not very suitable for a beach holiday. In search of a convenient beach, they go to the village of Geroskipou, to the Akamas Peninsula or to the popular Coral Bay.

What to do with children? In April, the water park is already open, and in the zoo you can see mouflons – these animals are considered a symbol of Cyprus. The choice of excursions is much wider: only mosaics can be viewed for hours.

There are enough hotels in Paphos that specialize in families with children. At the same time, there are many villas, apartments and guest houses for rent in the resort.

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Sightseeing holidays

Cyprus in April: vacation on a blooming island

What does Cyprus have in common with Paris, Vienna, Barcelona? That many tourists come here for sightseeing. Ancient cities, natural sites, sites of ancient Greek myths, monasteries, traditional mountain villages – it takes more than a week to see everything.

You can start from Paphos, where each stone has its own long history. Here is a Roman aqueduct, and a 100-room house with floor mosaics, and an amphitheater, and royal tombs, and the catacombs of St. Solomon.

It will be interesting to travel along the route of Aphrodite, especially if before that you read with your child about the birth and deeds of this goddess.

A good excursion in Limassol. The most important objects – the ruins of the ancient city of Kourion and the medieval castle, which now houses a historical museum. Curiously, the Limassol Archaeological Museum has many artifacts related to the cult of Aphrodite.

Larnaca also stands on the site of an ancient settlement: tourists like to wander among the ruins of Kition and look at the artifacts found during excavations in the archaeological museum. A very good collection of antiquities is exhibited in the Pierides Museum.

In Ayia Napa, children remember the Thalassa Maritime Museum. with models of old ships and items raised from the bottom of the sea. And to get to know the inhabitants of the waters better, we recommend visiting the Protaras Aquarium. Older children can be shown the rock tombs of Makronisos.

Traditional villages are also considered a tourist feature of Cyprus, but as a rule, you can get to them either by car or by sightseeing bus. Narrow streets, masonry walls, tiles, wooden shutters – All this is not museum, but real, alive. Outside the villages, mountains rise, vineyards, apple orchards, strawberry fields stretch. Usually, on such trips, tourists buy local jam, honey, handicrafts.

Entertainment for children

Cyprus in April: vacation on a blooming island

What Cyprus is inferior to other resorts is the amount of entertainment for the whole family. In the summer, this is redeemed by relaxing on the beach, and in the spring you have to use all the available opportunities.

Good idea – sea ​​excursions. There are walks along the coast with a visit to natural attractions, going out to sea on a boat with a transparent bottom, traveling on “pirate” boats. ships with entertainment.

A sea of ​​pleasure will bring a visit to the medieval park Cyprus Land. Here you can turn into conquerors or defenders of the island, master ancient crafts, watch a jousting tournament and play giant chess.

It will be a pleasant walk through the zoos of Limassol and Paphos. Get ready that in Limassol, children will be stuck at the otter enclosure for a long time: everyone wants to see how these animals behave on the shore and under water.

And how many new things can be learned in the Cyherbia Botanical Garden! Medicinal plants, spicy herbs, and exotic representatives of the flora are planted there.

Children are drawn to wander in the living labyrinth of Cyherbia: if your visit falls on Easter, hidden Easter toys will be waiting for children in the corridors of the labyrinth eggs.

And, of course, amusement parks and indoor entertainment centers always help out on vacation. They are not so large-scale, but all the favorite children's swings-carousels are there. Some water parks in Cyprus are already open in April. On a warm day, you can also have a great time there.

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Holidays, events and festivals

The main holiday in Cyprus in April is called: Cyprus National Holiday. It was established in memory of the fact that on April 1, 1955, the “National Organization of the Cypriot Fighters for Independence” was created on the island. The purpose of the organization was the liberation of Cyprus from British rule. Independence was achieved only in August 1960.

Orthodoxy dominates in the Greek part of Cyprus, Easter– this holiday often falls in April. Here it is customary to bake Easter cakes and dye eggs, and they are mostly dyed red. Roast lamb and flauna pie stuffed with local cheeses often become a decoration of the festive table.

In the Turkish part of the island, the main religion is Islam. Since the Muslim world lives by its own calendar, different events may fall in April, including Ramadan– month of fasting.

In early April, you can go to the village of Polemi, not far from Paphos. There, fields of wild tulips bloom at this time. The locals call this plant the “sun-eyed flower”.

Rest prices

Cyprus in April: vacation on a blooming island

Until the season has gained momentum, prices in Cyprus in April remain moderate. But they are already higher than a month earlier, and will only grow further.

Air tickets

The price of a flight, which is low in February-March, grows by 10-20% from April. In May, tickets to Larnaca and Paphos are 3-5% more expensive than in April.


The cost of housing in the middle of spring grows a little, but it is much lower than in the summer months. Compared to March, the price rises by 5-10%. In May, housing becomes more expensive by another 10-15%.

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April package offers are very different. But usually at this time you can relax 10-12% cheaper than in May. At the same time, tourists note that vacations in April can cost significantly more than a month later.


Cyprus in April: vacation on a blooming island

Although the active influx of tourists has not yet begun, prices in the establishments of the tourist zone are almost twice as high as in ordinary cafes. For lunch in a seaside restaurant, you need to pay at least 20 euros per person. If you go where the Cypriots go, you can eat well for 10 euros. The price of street food, such as gyros, starts from 4 euros.

The choice of fruits, taking into account the season, is small. However, the stalls are littered with strawberries, which are harvested on the island all year round. The price of 1 kg is approximately 3 euros. Also for sale is a delicate and healthy medlar, its price is about 2 euros per 1 kg. The carambola season is coming to an end.

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According to reviews of holidays in Cyprus in April, shopping is far from the most important thing for tourists. Prices in well-known brands are high, the choice is small.

What people pay attention to is the products of local craftsmen. For example, when traveling to Lefkara, travelers often buy embroideries and silver jewelry.

Everyone who comes to Cyprus tastes the local halloumi cheese, and they usually like it so much that they buy it as a souvenir. We also recommend buying Turkish delight – the best is made in Geroskipu. Alcoholic specialties of the island – dessert wine “Commandaria” (or rather Commandaria) and Zivania brandy.

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Recommendations for traveling with children

Holidays in Cyprus in April with children are not quite like summer ones. The program is somewhat different, and the preparation for the trip is also different. Here are some tips to help you get ready.

  1. Despite the mild weather, a hat and sunscreen – must-haves in Cyprus.
  2. You will most likely need light clothing on your holiday. However, in addition to it, you need to take those things that you wear at + 12-14 ° C and at + 16-20 ° C. Two or three layers of clothing usually work well.
  3. All major resorts have supermarkets that sell baby food. In some places, rental points for baby carriages, playpens, and baths are open.
  4. It is recommended to drink bottled water for drinking. There are vending machines on the streets where you can get drinking water.

Cypriot cuisine will not seem exotic to you. It is simple, healthy, and many dishes can be offered to a child. But you need to be aware that some popular treats are prepared with the addition of wine. Read Kidpassage's article about the traditional cuisine of Cyprus, and you will easily find your way around the menus of the island's restaurants and taverns.


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